The Provenance: How Would You Like to Be Spat At CD PROMO. Progressive /Gothic/Doom Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden. Check whole album (audio)


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1. WoH II Tsc 06:00   Show lyrics
2. Heroine 05:24   Show lyrics
3. Catching Scarlet in the Sun 04:00   Show lyrics
4. How Would You Like to Be Spat At in the Face 04:07   Show lyrics
5. Some Gossip on Stealing a Spouse 06:17   Show lyrics
6. Going Down 05:22   Show lyrics
7. Considering the Gawk, the Drool, the Bitch and the Fool 05:56   Show lyrics
8. Kick You So Hard 04:52   Show lyrics
9. About a Whore, About a Kill 06:05   Show lyrics
10. Speeding to Get By 05:25   Show lyrics

Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Gothenburg, Västra Götaland
Formed in: 1998
Genre: Progressive Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Sadness, Love, Personal Struggle
Last label: Peaceville Records
Years active: 1995-1998 (as Asmodeus), 1998-2007