The PLASTICS: No Class Youth CD. Kiss meets Sex Pistols, Ramones.


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Category: Sleaze glam / Punk

Year: 2003

Label: TB Records    MINT CONDITION

Personnel: Gee Johnston (guitar, vocals), Stu Gorden (vocals, bass), Justin (drums, vocals), Darren Woods (drums)

1. 4 Life
2. No Class Youth
3. Joke
4. Vicky’s Song
5. Grey
6. World U Made
7. Out Of Time
8. Somewhere
9. Beautiful Friends
10. Uncle Sam

Proudly displaying a burning stars and stripes, behind the naked arse of a blond-permed lap-dancer on the cover of their debut album, and continuing the theme in a song titled ‘Uncle Sam’ The Plastics embody the overblown, over-the-top spirit of big, American rock circa late 70s. despite hailing from South London. Despite their lacking geographical credentials the ensuing cacophony of big riffs, sexism, adolescent political rallyings, white trash references and clichés the trio create is surprisingly, well, credible and convincing. Branded with almost as many Kiss trademarks as a lunchbox, condom or family pet left within a mile of Gene Simmons its closest reference point is the big, dumb rock and lyrical campaign for partying, chicks and loud music of the face painted Messiahs Criss, Stanley, Simmons and Frehley. Albeit with some explosive as a well timed pyrotechnic punk attitude shoved up their collective rears, manifest in the Iggy and Sex Pistols esque touches here and there. If you like your musical politics none more cerebral than the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right’, your riffs chunky and your Americans from no further West than Fulham, this is fantastic. If not – this is still fantastic – whats wrong with you???

South London’s The Plastics, churned out a mix of hard rock and punk on their debut recording, No Class Youth.Crossing the Ramones with big bold hard rockin’ anthems, The Plastics deliver a soundtrack for the teen scene. There’s nothing of intellect on order here, it’s simply raw energy with comical lyrics. The highlights from this disc include “Joke”, “Vicky’s Song” and “Beautiful Friends”.


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