The NASTYS: Good time gone bad CD. Rare self released limited edition. AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, New York Dolls, Motley Crue. Check audio.


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THE NASTYS label cat. no. NP003 (2005)—MADE IN CANADA


1. Bad Doctor 4:35
2. She Loves the Money 4:16
3. Nobody Rides for Free 4:08
4. F.W.W. 3:22
5. Its Only Blood 4:32
6. Good Time Gone Bad 4:16
Original Release Date: September 19, 2005
Label: The Nastys
Copyright: (C) 2005 The Nastys
Total Length: 25:09
Explicit Lyrics

Recommended if you like AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, New York Dolls,

“Lets her it for The Nastys, they fucking rock! They remind me of Motley Crue circa 1981.”–Vince Neil

“What can I say? The absolute best thing that could happen to the stale music scene”
–Andrew Watson, Music Review

“The Nastys are the best band we’ve seen in 18 years on the road.”
–Road Manager of Silvertide

“The Nastys were, as their name implies, pretty nasty. All New York Dolls flamboyance and flash with a healthy load of later NYC attitude, The Nastys were rude, crude and in your face.”
–Jeff Napier–

“All six songs on ‘Good Time Gone Bad’ are pure fuel injected rockers that will knock you flat on your ass! If there is any musical taste left in America, this band is a soon to be legend.”
–Tony Sison, All Access Magazine

“Holy fuckin rock and roll does this horny little bitch smoke! 6 songs, no ballads, all uppercuts designed to leave you sweat-soaked and satisfied. And they will!”

The Nastys formed in 2001 by Danny Smash, Joey Menace, and Mick Nasty in Grand Rapids Michigan.
In 2002 The Nastys released their first EP Shameless Self-Promotion, with newly acquired singer Chad Cherry. With Cherry and the new EP, The Nastys began to garner recognition throughout the Midwest. In 2003 the band travelled to Los Angeles, where they recorded 3 studio tracks with Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat and Dave Moreno formerly of Earshot. The EP titled Old Wine, New Bottle which included the 3 LA songs as well as 3 live tracks was released in January of 2004. Since the making of Old Wine, New Bottle The Nasty have added guitarist Dave Jade and Wurm after original guitarist Mick Nasty decided to leave. In September of 2005 The Nastys released their 3rd EP Good Time Gone Bad.

Good Time Gone Bad is high energy rock and roll at its best. Its dirty and naughty enough for teenage boys in heat as well as melodic and sexual enough for curfew violating girls from the suburbs. Theres no pretences here, no political agenda, no whining and crying, its just straight up rock and roll, “Nastys Style”.

If this band doesn’t take over the world i will kill myself.

I saw these guys many times live and they are all extremely talented. Their CD is a view into their rock world. If you like hard rock and roll in its most raw form you need to buy Good Times Gone Bad. The Nastys are proof that the Midwest can produce f*&^#$ up people to. Keep Rockin.

I’ve listened to a Hell of lot of Rock CDs in my day, and this one is fuelled by all of the greats. Anyone with an appreciation for, or even an interest in, Rock ‘n’ Roll should have this CD in their collection!
Sexy Rock n Roll

WOW…..this music takes me back to the late 80s, when Sleaze metal ruled – fantastic. bring out some more stuff soon guys- when are you touring the UK.
Sleazy Abrasive Rock

And we want MORE. Buy it.
Red Hot Sleaze

Full bodied sleazy R’n’R kicking ass from track 1 to 6. Buy it.
Rock N’ Roll!

This CD kicks ass! The world needs more music like this. The Nastys ROCK.
Kicks A$$

Why haven’t these guys gotten a label yet? They’re superstars!! Weezer move outta Hollywood cause these guys are the next big thing!!
Welcome back Real Rock and Roll!!

These guys are the shit!! I have seen them live on several occasions and they don’t fuck around !! They melt your face off, wipe there superstar asses with it and stick back on your head with a smile on it!! She loves the money better get play on the radio soon or I am gonna frickin go NUTS!! Chad Cherry is a gyrating…..singing….jumping…fist pumping GOD!! Hes like Mick Jagger only cooler!! Keep rockin boys!
A vary addictive c.d.

This c.d. is catchier than a cold in the dead of winter. All of these songs are well written. Bad Doctor and Nobody Rides For Free are vary catchy. Its Only Blood has a AC/DC feel to it. While F.W.W. and the title track Good Time Gone Bad are great Rock songs that gets your adrenaline jumping. The one song that really sticks out and WILL be a song that everyone will hear sooner or later is She Loves The Money. A song that has a great hook and that I can picture being on a song track for a movie or even a show about Beverly Hills. This song is definitely a hit. Looking threw the c.d. and there web site I see that this band is not signed as of yet. ATTENTION LABELS – THIS IS A GREAT SURPRISE!!!!
If they continue to write songs like this then this c.d. will be a collectable someday. If this is what Rock & Roll is headed, then bring it on!!
This CD Rocks!!!!

She loves the money has got to be a hit on the airwaves soon. Every song on this CD is worth listening to. It kept me jumping and pumpin. brings me back to my younger years with and updated feel of the future.
fucking awesome!!!!! make another CD!!!!!!!

this CD bleeds great rock n roll!!! i have the other Nastys CDs, and they’re both really but good time gone bad is by far the best!!!! why are these guys not signed yet???? when will the next one be out?!

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