The MACC LADS: Live at Leeds (the who) tape CASSETTE. Check all samples
The MACC LADS: Live at Leeds (the who) tape CASSETTE. Check all samples
The MACC LADS: Live at Leeds (the who) tape CASSETTE. Check all samples

The MACC LADS: Live at Leeds (the who) tape CASSETTE. Check all samples


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The Macc Lads were a punk and hard rock band from Macclesfield, UK. Self-proclaimed “”rudest crudest lewdest drunkest band in Christendom””, The Macc Lads became notorious for their irreverent and foul mouthed lyrics, political in-correctness, drinking, sexism and homophobia. They managed to offend a great many people and were repeatedly banned from venues and radio stations whilst retaining a cult following.

They are sometimes described as the musical equivalent of Viz comic, sharing many of the same themes – an early Viz character Brown Bottle made his first (and thus far only) live appearance in the music video for the song Barrel’s Round. Their song lyrics cover an array of subjects, including beer, sex, chips ‘n’ gravy, football, fighting, and bodily functions.



Track Listings
1. Sweaty Betty
2. Ben Nevis
3. Bloink
4. Do You Love Me
5. God’s Gift To Women
6. Charlotte
7. Blackpool
8. Lads From Macc
9. Now He’s A Poof
10. Doctor Doctor
11. Julie The Schooly
12. Guess Me Weight
13. Miss Macclesfield
14. Fat Bastard
15. Get Weavin
16. Barrels’ Round
17. Dan’s Underpants

5.0 out of 5 stars The Lads Go Live In Leeds, A cracking performance of 17lewd, crude, rude ( but damn funny ) hard rockin’ songs, recorded in 1988.
Never heard The Macc Lads ? Imagine Chubby Brown writing songs forSham 69 and you’re somewhere close !
Please avoid if easily offended,but if your sense of humour goes beyond the politically-correct morals of the present day, get this!


5.0 out of 5 stars Vulgar display of wickedness,
If you have a crude sense of humour and like to swear then this album is for you!


5.0 out of 5 stars
Messes with your mind

by Bomber
Have experienced Macclesfield on a few occasions and actually they were not far off reality with these tracks. Hugely offensive, bluff, crass, with a vague element of musical ability, but uniquely funny. Laughed out loud at these guys many moons ago and even in these PC times, you need an element of insanity to bring you back to reality.


5.0 out of 5 stars Live @ leeds
I’n there time the macc lads were something else with there own crazy lyrics me and my mates spent hours p@@@ing oursides to there own non pc brand of humour and even went to see them play live I’n Manchester before every venue I’n the uk banned them as macc lads fans roadies and even the band themselves had a tendency to get drunk and smash up venues but if your bored want a laugh buy it sit back and listen to the musical version of a Bernard manning gig