The LOVED ONES: Build n Burn CD. (Digi pack paper bag) Modern Punk. s + video


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5.0 out of 5 stars The Next Step,
I waited a long time for this record and it was worth it. this is one of those records that quenches the thirst of fans of “Keep Your Heart” but will probably round up many many new fans as well. everything you loved about “keep your heart” is still there, the huge choruses, Daves voice and lyrics, and chugging power chords, but all of these things are highlighted by the bands new-found restraint. Theres an honest-to-god ballad that is a pure delight, as well as forays into old spiritual (Louisiana) and alt-country (3rd shift) territory. This adventurous spirit is further highlighted by appearances from members of The Hold Steady playing everything from guitar and organ to harmonica and saw.
its nice to finally have a modern punk band that i’ll be able to play for my kids the way my older friends played me The Clash, add to that the refreshment of seeing a band who isn’t afraid to grow and you’ve got a pure delight. buy this record – there are songs that will beg to keep your heart.


5.0 out of 5 stars PARTY,
This is the best record that has ever been put out but Fat wreck cords. REAL TALK, I had to change my pants 4 times.

Loved Ones – Build & Burn
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Catalog#: FAT728-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 05 Feb 2008
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


1 Pretty Good Year 2:16
2 The Inquirer 3:31
3 The Bridge 3:28
4 Sarahs Game 3:25
5 Brittle Heart 2:39
6 Selfish Masquerade 4:01
7 3rd Shift 2:54
8 Louisiana 3:38
9 Dead Laura 2:49
10 I Swear 4:13

The Loved Ones stoke a mighty roots-punk fire on BUILD & BURN, displaying a massive maturation since their more strictly melodic Jade Tree days. To be sure, concise nuggets such as “Sarahs Game” still subsist on searing hooks, but theres a rowdy grit to tracks like “Dear Laura” that come to dominate the albums dual personality. Vocal delays and other production tricks may put off some purists, but the Loved Ones are aiming for long-term adoration, not fleeting genre fandom.

Editorial reviews
The album blasts off with the rollicking ‘Pretty Good Year,’ but thats nothing compared to the following track, ‘The Inquirer,’ which is the best song Hause has ever written.
Alternative Press

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