The DEFACED: Karma in Black CD PROMO CD Swedish Thrash. DARKANE and SOILWORK members


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THE DEFACED “Karma In black”
Advance CD in card sleeve
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The Swedish Thrash band featuring Klas and Jörgen from DARKANE and Henry Ranta from SOILWORK throw down some tough riffs and head banging drum beats on their second offering. Rather than sounding like their Swedish counter parts, they opt for a more American sound ala “Burn My Eyes” MACHINE HEAD meets PANTERA in a back alley fight at 2am. Plenty of start-stop chugga chugga riffs are on the menu for a good potion of the disc, but doesn’t sound like Nu-Metal by any means. Growling and screaming vokills dominate the disc, but will knock you on your ass. What is cool this time around is that during the solos and some of the choruses you will hear the traditional melodic Swedish guitar soloing that we all come to know and worship. Its not obnoxious and doesn’t take away a damn thing from this fine CD. It just adds another dimension. Gives it more depth and more atmosphere to their already hard and heavy as fuck sound. While the music is pretty much straight forward, Henry Ranta throws in these mini time changes and tricky drumming that he does so effortlessly. Just when you get used to the hard and heavy with lots of groovy rhythms, “Forever Winding” slows things down quite considerably. Call it a power ballad, but its really nice and it shows how versatile a band can be even if they are a bunch of bad asses. Thumbs up there. Fellow SOILWORKER Peter Wichers lends his hand to playing the acoustic guitar. This CD is perfect mainly due to the fact that the songs are four minutes or less and the CD moves quickly and you don’t even know it.

Tracklist: Fumes From The Swamp, Once In Between, 10 Vs 9, Exit Body On Mass, Beneath My Swirl, A Moment Of Clarity, The Fading Suns, Soulside, Forever Winding, Karma In Black



5.0 out of 5 stars Great Swedish Thrash Metal
Soilworks album ‘Figure Number Five’ was a major dissapointment, but where they failed, The Defaced shall shine. Theses Swedish metal masterminds (boasting members from Darkane and the aforementioned Soilwork) have crafted some brilliantly heavy thrash metal. With their catchy and heavy metal licks and Swedish roots, this band really stands out when listening to the record. By choosing not to follow the rest of the crowd and rehashing every Swedish metal cliché known to man, it makes ‘Karma in Black’ a solid metal release. The whole album gets more enjoyable with every listen, often digging up more death inspired roots in the tracks. Highlights include “Once in Between’, ‘Exit Body on Mass’, and ‘The Fading Suns’. If Soilwork has gotten a bit stale for your taste and the likes of Omnium Gathering seem a tad too extreme, then satisfy your thirst for Swedish thrash with this great release from a great and promising band.


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