The CULT Dreamtime LP 1984 with inner bag. Excellent debut. Beggars Banquet 58014 Hellas (Greece) Greek pressing. Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale! Check videos of “Spiritwalker” and audio (whole album)


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Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale!

Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale!

Label: Beggars Banquet 58014
Format: Vinyl LP
Country: Hellas (Greece)
Released: 1984

A1 Horse Nation 3:45  Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
A2 Spiritwalker 3:40 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
A3 83rd Dream 3:40 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
A4 Butterflies 2:59 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
A5 Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles) 4:00  Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*

B1 Gimmick 5:36 Backing Vocals Mich Ebeling, Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
B2 A Flower In The Desert 3:42 Songwriter Jepson*, Burroughs*, Qureshi*, Astbury*
B3 Dreamtime 2:49 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
B4 Rider In The Snow 3:13 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*
B5 Bad Medicine Waltz 5:57 Songwriter Duffy*, Astbury*

Distributed By – PolyGram
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Beggars Banquet
Copyright © – Beggars Banquet
Made By – G.P.I. S.A.
Printed By – Αδελφοί Ν. Πιτσιλού Ο.Ε.
Lacquer Cut At – G.P.I. S.A. – 1444
On label:Ⓟ 1984 Polygram
Mfd by G.P.I.S.A. 410
(P) (C) 1984 Beggars Banquet
Matrix / Runout (A-Side runout stamp): BEG 58014A MT410 1444
Matrix / Runout (B-Side runout stamp): BEG 58014B MT410 1444

Dreamtime is the first full-length studio album by The Cult. Released in September 1984, it reached #21 in the UK, and was later certified Silver by the BPI after having sold 60,000 copies. The first single, Spiritwalker, reached #1 on the UK Indie Chart.
Lyrics to the song ‘Horse Nation’ are taken almost verbatim from the book titled Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. spiritwalker’ is a reference to shamanism, while ‘Dreamtime’ is inspired by the Australian aborigines and ‘Butterflies’ is a reference to the Hopi ceremonial butterfly dance. ‘A Flower in the Desert’ is a reworking of the Southern Death Cults song ‘Flowers in the Forest’.
The record was originally being produced by Joe Julian, but after having recorded the drums tracks the band decided to replace him, and Beggars Banquet suggested John Brand. The record was ultimately produced by Brand, but guitarist Billy Duffy has said that the drum tracks used on the record were those produced by Julian, as band drummer Nigel Preston had become too unreliable by that time. The band rarely performs any material from this particular record, except Spiritwalker and Horse Nation, although A Flower In The Desert and 83rd Dream were played several times during The Cults February/ March 2008 European tour.


Ian Astbury – vocals
Billy Duffy – guitar
Jamie Stewart – bass guitar, backing vocals
Nigel Preston – drums, percussion

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Rock Meets Gothic Post-Punk,
This is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece. The 80s is often criticized as being over-produced, synthetic and shallow. Like U2, the Cult had much more to offer. “Dreamtime” is a fantastic fusion of Gothic punk walking hand-in-hand with Jim Morrison-ish imagery and influence. Eventually Led Zeppelin could be heard in the Cults sound more than the Doors, but “Dreamtime” and “Love” evoke a unique-for-the-80s combination of lyrical mysticism and spiritual passion with an insurgent rhythm and sonic punch.
Songs like “Spiritwalker” and “Horse Nation” drive forth the mystic imagery with a rocking groove, while the darker songs like “Butterflies” and “Bone Bag” have a darker edge that has as much to lend to Nick Drake as it does to Nick Cave.

This is a phenomenal and, at least in the States, unfortunately under-appreciated milestone in the Cults career. The Cult were, are, and shall be a solid band and influence on new bands for years to come.
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest examples of Deathrock/PostPunk
This album is by far the best album “The Cult” ever did. I’m also a big fan of “Love” but everything after sort of lost me (with the exception of an occasional song). [[[[You get a good dose of Death Cult, Southern Death Cults most famous song (Moyah) as well as the song from Dreamtime that isn’t on the album (Bonebag).
Now the way I explain this album to someone whos never heard it before is… Picture an “Apache” warrior tripping out on Peyote in the middle of a field during a midnight drizzle, hehe. Songs such as “83rd Dream” (my favorite track) and “Horse Nation” really show that illustration… “Four crows nailed to a wood post” and other disturbingly Beautiful quotes are what make this album the “Dark Mystical Masterpiece” it is. As well as the full on attack of Billy Duffy guitars, Nigel Prestons’ frantic drums (which at most times in the album remind me of tom toms) Not to mention Ian Astburys wailing vocals. Lets not forget Jamie Stewarts excellent Bass. Yes this is the premier album for a taste of what the Post-PunkGothDeathrock scene was like in early 80s England.
Best Cult album in my humble opinion. Every sound you hear is deliberate and tasteful. I had the later ones too but they pale in comparison with regards to the craft-work in this album. A lot of inventiveness in the music and the quality of the melodies are catchy (no you don’t need to listen to this a gadzillion times to make yourself like it) The melodies hit the spot instantly.
5.0 out of 5 stars Most Gothic Cult Album,
Dreamtime oozes with mysticism and spirituality, and combines these themes with awesome hard rock/gothic guitar riffs by Billy Duffy. The songs have a spooky edge, unlike later Cult albums. You can tell which fans prefer the early Cult and which prefer the later Cult at any concert they give. The early fans look like British goths who are into Siouxsie and the later fans of Electric look like they rock to Winger or Dokken. This album still makes my hair stand on end because it is that good.
5.0 out of 5 stars
There was a time, about 20 years or so ago, when British music was struggling with two very different and original approaches to modern music: Punk and Gothic. Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy both cut their teeth in the Gothic movement, as evidenced by the collaboration titled Death Cult which preceded the DREAMTIME LP.
But Dreamtime is more than just a gothic rock album, and if you ever dug your fingernails into your legs listening to Bauhaus'”In the Flat Field” , this album is worth the time.
This album, “Dreamtime”, is where it all started to gel…where the beginnings of true modern rock and the culmination of gothic rock meet in a sometimes tentative but always satisfying blend.
As for ‘Dreamtime: Live at the Lyceum’ set, you get a REAL thrill. These guys perform this stuff (and a few other surprises) in all their 80s rat-tailed glory.

Gotta love it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Positively Dreamy!,
I picked this up for the first time since I have always liked the Cult and “loved” their LOVE album. Billy Duffys guitar sound is great; the ambience is incredible and I miss the Gothic style chords and playing. Ian Astburys vocals are great, too. These guys obviously had talent from the get go. The rest of the lineup is adequate, too. I think this and Love to me embody the classic sound of the Cult. If you listen to later albums, particularly Electric, they stripped down and overproduced their sound so much that a lot was lost of their true talents. Like some of the other reviewers, I think they should have retained the Gothic elements of their sound, but I guess they were headed for commercial success instead. The mysticism of the lyrics and the Gothic elements make the listening experience a true Dreamtime!

5.0 out of 5 stars THE “ECLECTIC” ALBUM,
5.0 out of 5 stars The Cults studio début paired with a superb live show.,
The debut album by the Cult “Dreamtime” is an album that is overlooked, likely because the band would reach enormous heights, both creatively and commercially, with their few albums, but “Dreamtime” should be evaluated for what it is: a great record.

The Cult was formed when Ian Astbury, vocalist for the Southern Death Cult, determined to pursue a direction away from the Gothic sound of that band and formed a group with Theatre of Hate guitarist Billy Duffy. Astbury, a singer of enormous presence, dominated the Southern Death Cult to the point where the band felt lopsided. But in Duffy, Astbury found a performer of equally strong personality and a foil. Recruiting guitarist Jamie Stewart on bass and eventually settling on drummer Nigel Preston, the group recorded first under the name Death Cult before shortening it to the Cult to deter the Gothic connotations.

“Dreamtime” is, however seeped in gothic and post-punk influences, even if it does manage to get past them as much as it embraces them– single “Spiritwalker” is probably the best example of this– a glittering, aggressive track with a great riff reminiscent of the sort of work the Gothic acts were doing but avoiding any sense of lifelessness and a vocal soaked in swagger by Astbury, the song is a summation of everything they’d done up until now and yet a pointer to the future. But while it was the only piece to garner any real attention as a single, there are a number of fantastic pieces on here– the pounding, tribal rhythm-infused “Horse Nation”, the churning, driven, almost reggaeish “Go West”, and the very much updated Southern Death Cult piece “A Flower in the Desert” (here presented as a swirling slice of goth with a muscular guitar line).

The “Live at the Lyceum” show is equally valuable– the band performs pretty much everything they’d released up until this point, including the Death Cult tracks and a pair of Southern Death Cult pieces in an extremely high energy and superb show– of particular note is the single “Gods Zoo”.
Both discs in this set sound superb– as someone who had a copy of “Dreamtime” for several years, the sonic upgrade was very noticeable. Its pricey, but the upgrade and the live show are both worth the price. Highly recommended.
5.0 out of 5 stars A taste of the goth years
Dreamtime: Live at the Lyceum Is one of the greatest albums of the early 1980s. I think its one of the best live recordings I’ve ever listened to. It a great way to hear The Cult before they became an arena rock powerhouse in the late 1980s with the release of Electric (1987) and Sonic Temple (1989). It features such songs as ” 83rd Dream” and ” Bad Medicine Waltz”.
5.0 out of 5 stars ROCK meets CULT
This album is awesome, almost reminiscent of some of the Doors style music, funny how he ended up as their new singer.

The CULT Dreamtime LP Check videos. Spiritwalker

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