The BRAIN SURGEONS: Trepanation CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard). Blue Oyster Cult songs! CHECK AUDIO SAMPLES


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The BRAIN SURGEONS: Trepanation CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard)


Amazing 1997 album by Albert Bouchard, the first drummer of Blue Oyster Cult, the man that has contributed so much in all their classic releases. Here he is playing drums, guitar, sax, keyboards, he sings and handles the production. He is also surrounded by very good Hard Rock musicians as always. Heavier sound, more guitars.’The cure for what ails starving rock fans.
1. Gimme Nothin’ 03:30
2. Stones in my Passway 03:12
3. Medusa 03:27
4. A Kiss is a Promise 04:16
5. Sally 02:42    Blue Oyster Cult (originally)
6. My Civilization 03:20
7. Happy New Year 04:31
8. Sisters of the Precious Blood 04:26
9. Ramblin’ Rose 02:08
10. Hanseel & Gretel 03:37  Blue Oyster Cult (originally)
11. Everything is Blue 03:54
12. If u Come Close 04:07
13. Bad Habit 03:28
14. Night of 1,000 Guitars 03:04
Total playing time 49:42

  1. Gimme Nothin’ — (R. Meltzer, D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  2. Stones In My Passway (R. Johnson)
  3. Medusa — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  4. A Kiss Is A Promise — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  5. Sally — (P. Smith, A. Bouchard)
  6. My Civilization — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  7. Happy New Year — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  8. Sisters Of The Precious Blood — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  9. Ramblin’ Rose — (Wilkin, Birch)
  10. Hansel & Gretel — (R. Meltzer, D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  11. Everything Is Blue — (A. Bouchard, D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  12. If U Come Close — (H. Wheels, D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  13. Bad Habit — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  14. Night Of The 1,000 Guitars — (The Brain Surgeons)

Released in 1995 by Cellsum Records, and in 1996 by Ripe and Ready.

Produced by Albert Bouchard and Deborah Frost.

Albert Bouchard (vocals, drums, percussion, guitars, Albertron, sax, EBow, keyboards), Deborah Frost (vocals, guitars, percussion, clarinet), Peter Bohovesky (vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, trumpet), Billy Hilfiger (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, vocals), David Hirschberg (bass guitar, saxophone, percussion), Joe Bouchard (mandolin on “A Kiss Is A Promise”, vocals on “Sally”, “Ramblin’ Rose”), Ace Bouchard (percussion on “Happy New Year”, “Sisters Of The Precious Blood”, guitar on “Night Of The 1,000 Guitars”).

A re-worked version of the lyrics to “Hansel & Gretel” can be found in Richard Meltzer’s 1995 book, “The Night (Alone)”.

Versions of the songs, “Sally” and “Hansel & Gretel” were originally demoed by Albert for the sessions for BOC’s *Agents Of Fortune* album.

Starting with this album, the Brain Surgeons became more of a real band. Musically, they sound better structured, although the tracks remain quite obscure and odd for the unprepared. After a few listens, Trepanation appears a bit easier to the ear, and perhaps slightly more melodious than the previous album. Some of the most interesting tracks include “A Kiss Is a Promise,” “Sally,” and “Everything Is Blue.” While on “Happy New Year,” Albert Bouchard tries to sing like he’s doing trash metal. In many ways, the Brain Surgeons sound like an experimental band. Or maybe they’re just still looking for themselves? And yet, they definitely have a sound, a very distinctive style, that could already be heard on their first album, Eponymous. An interesting band, in any case.


5.0 out of 5 stars Trepanation is better than a hole in the head,
It’s the groups sophomore effort and I dig it with a hearty embrace. The band now has 3 other members besides Frost and Bouchard, and they all do well to expand the palate available to the ears. Songs go from super pop(“”If U Come Close””) to the really really heavy (“”My Civilization””, “”Gimme Nothin””) in the space of a second. Well worth a listen–it shows great ear ripping potential.


5.0 out of 5 stars Catchy Hard Rock With a Vicious Groove,
Trepanation was the first Surgeons album with a full lineup. And the band didn’t waste any time flexing their muscles. The album mixes a serious, heavy groove with a subtle tongue-in-cheek style that will quickly make it one of the CD player workhorses in your collection.


The BRAIN SURGEONS: Box Of Hammers CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard).  Blue Oyster Cult song! CHECK AUDIO SAMPLE (Medley of a few of the CD songs)

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