The BRAIN SURGEONS: Box Of Hammers CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard).  Blue Oyster Cult song! CHECK AUDIO SAMPLE (Medley of a few of the CD songs)


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The BRAIN SURGEONS: Box Of Hammers CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard)


Albert Bouchard, the first drummer of Blue Oyster Cult. Amazing album by Albert Bouchard, the first drummer of Blue Oyster Cult, the man that has contributed so much in all their classic releases. Here he is playing drums, guitar, sax, keyboards, he sings and handles the production. He is also surrounded by very good Hard Rock musicians as always. Engineered and mixed by platinum-award winning engineer, Paul Special. Guests include indie god Don Fleming, goddesses Felice Rosser, Tara Key and indie group, The Cucumbers

1. Saint Vitus Dance 04:00
2. Locked up 04:00
3. Gun 03:26
4. I’m on Fire 03:12
5. ‘Lil Egypt 03:09
6. Earthquake Boogie 03:40
7. Donkey Show 03:28
8. Date with a Guitar 03:32
9. End in Tears 04:07
10. Tender was the Night 02:49
11. Operation Luv 04:01
12. Laura’s Plastic Swords 03:55
13. Casa del Sol 04:38
14. Overture 06:02
Total playing time 53:59

  1. Saint Vitus Dance — (A. Bouchard, D. Frost, H. Wheels)
  2. Locked Up — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  3. Gun — (A. Bouchard, J. Bouchard, D. Frost, H. Wheels)  Blue Oyster Cult (originally)
  4. I’m On Fire — (Dwight Twilley)
  5. ‘Lil Egypt — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  6. Earthquake Boogie — (A. Bouchard, D. Frost, R. Meltzer)
  7. Donkey Show — (Peter Bohovesky)
  8. Date With A Guitar — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  9. End In Tears — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  10. Tender Was The Night — (A. Bouchard, R. Meltzer)
  11. Operation Luv — (D. Frost, A. Bouchard)
  12. Laura’s Plastic Swords — (A. Bouchard, R. Meltzer)
  13. Casa Del Sol — (Deborah Frost)
  14. Overture — (A. Bouchard, J. Bouchard)

Released in 1996 by Cellsum Records, and in 1998 by Ripe and Ready.

Produced by Albert Bouchard and Deborah Frost.

Additional production and mix by Paul Special.

Peter Bohovesky (lead, rhythm guitars, vocals), Albert Bouchard (drums, vocals, banjo, etc.), Deborah Frost (vocals, clarinet), Billy Hilfiger (lead, rhythm guitars), David Hirschberg (bass), Joe Bouchard (keyboards on “Saint Vitus Dance”, “Gun”, “Tender Was The Night”, “Overture”), Jacob Bouchard (vocals on “Overture”), Louis “Flip” Barnes (trumpet on “Donkey Show”, “Overture”), Crispin Cioe (sax on “Donkey Show”, “End In Tears”, “Laura’s Plastic Swords”), Dave Dunton (keyboards on “Date With A Guitar”, “End In Tears”, “Laura’s Plastic Swords”), Don Fleming (guitar on “Gun”, “Overture”, theremin on “Gun”, “‘Lil Egypt”), John Fried (vocals on “Donkey Show”), Tara Key (guitar on “Saint Vitus Dance), Jack Rigg (guitar on “Overture”), Felice Rosser (vocals on “End In Tears”), Jack Secret (vocals on “Earthquake Boogie”), Deena Shoshkes (vocals on “Donkey Show”).

The lyrics for “Operation Luv” were originally part of another Bouchard/Frost song called, “When You’re In, You’re In”, which was recorded by Deadringer on their *Electrocution Of The Heart* album.

A different version of “Donkey Show” appears on Peter Bohovesky’s 1997 CD, *Peter Bohovesky*.

Different versions of the song “Gun” were demoed by Joe Bouchard for the sessions for BOC’s *Mirrors*, *Cultosaurus Erectus*, and *Fire Of Unknown Origin* albums, and played live by BOC a few times in 1979.


5.0 out of 5 stars One of the Best,
If you haven’t listened to the Brain Surgeons yet, this cd is a great one to start with. It rocks from the first track to the last and for the Blue Oyster Cult fan in you, the final song “”Overture”” is worth the price of this CD alone.


5.0 out of 5 stars A great place to start checking out the Surgeons,
Box of Hammers is a fun mix of styles from “”This ROCKS dude!”” to “”Oooh that’s nice”” with some “”I can’t stop tapping my feet”” in-between. You’ll find intelligent lyrics, gonzo guitars, unique drumming, and vocals delivered with a kiss and a shot to the gut. Out of all the Surgeons albums to date (all worthy of your hard-earned money, by the way) Box of Hammers is the best.


The BRAIN SURGEONS: Trepanation CD Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard). Blue Oyster Cult songs! CHECK AUDIO SAMPLES


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