The ALMIGHTY: Free n easy (7″ Edit) + Hell To Pay (Acoustic version). Great songs. 7″ Check the (many) videos


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Recording of their second studio album, Soul Destruction, began in December 1990 and it was released in March 1991 along with the lead single Free’n’Easy. In February and March they toured the UK supporting Motörhead and Megadeth. In June 1991 they embarked on a headline UK tour.

With so many glossy Poison clones and generic Warrant imitators flooding the hard rock market in the late 1980s and early ’90s, The Almighty proved to be a fresh air. A press release likened their work to “the soundtrack for a biker bar” — an honest description of a freewheeling, gutsy effort that never sounds contrived or formulaic. In contrast to so many of the “hairspray” bands out at the time — many of which seemed to be more concerned with their image than their music — the Scottish band thrived on spontaneity and rawness.

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