The ALMIGHTY: Crank Promo [tape] 14 songs. Check video and audio. includes 6 hit songs that you have to listen!


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5.0 out of 5 stars Bowing out at their peak,
The Almighty were swept along in the wave of publicity that was Brit rock – metal answer to Brit pop – and it is fitting that this, their last album, was also their best. Ricky Warwick’s punk roots show in this stripped down, thrashed out classic. Independent Deterrent make this a truly memorable album. If you like fast energetic rock then this is perfect.

Crank is the fourth studio album released by Scottish heavy metal band The Almighty. Two singles, “Jonestown Mind” and “Wrench” were released from the album in multiple parts in the United Kingdom. Music videos were made for both singles. Crank peaked at #15 in the UK albums chart. Crank is a slang term for low-purity Crystal methamphetamine that is usually administered in powder form. It is a stimulant that affects the Central nervous system by causing increased alertness and heart rate. An extended high is usually followed by a severe crash that can result in aggression from the user.                                                                                                                                         Andy Cairns, front-man of North Irish Alt-metal band Therapy? contributed vocals to several tracks.

Track Listings
1. Ultraviolet
2. Wrench
3. Unreal Thing
4. Jonestown Mind
5. Move Right In
6. Crank And Deceit
7. United State Of Apathy
8. Welcome To Defiance
9. Way Beyond Belief
10. Crackdown
11. Sorry For Nothing
12. Cheat
13. Shitzophrenic

  • hidden track; instrumental