TESTAMENT: First Strike Still Deadly CD. Modern Interpretations Of Legacy’s Demo, 1st + 2nd albums, + 1 B side. Check audio and videos


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First Strike Still Deadly is an album released by Testament in 2001. It consists of re-recordings of songs released on The Legacy and The New Order, as well as a re-recording of “Reign of Terror”, which was originally on Legacy’s Demo 1 and was also a b-side from the “Trial by Fire” single.

Testament First Strike Still Deadly
Label: Spitfire Records SPITCD083, Burnt Offerings Inc.
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Heavy Metal
1 First Strike Is Deadly
2 Into The Pit
3 Trial By Fire
4 Disciples Of The Watch
5 The Preacher
6 Burnt Offerings
7 Over The Wall
8 The New Order
9 The Haunting
10 Alone In The Dark
Vocals Steve Souza
11 Reign Of Terror
Vocals Steve Souza

Stciker on jewel case says: “Modern Re-Interpretations Of Classic Songs

Barcode: 5036369508326
Other (GAS 0000083 SPR): EDL EAG 405-2

Released Oct 23,2001
Genre Thrash metal
Length 48:40

Chuck Billy: vocals (tracks 1-9)
Steve Souza: vocals (tracks 10 and 11)
Alex Skolnick: lead guitar
Eric Peterson: rhythm, lead guitar
Steve DiGiorgio: bass [Death, Autopsy, Control Denied, Testament, Quo Vadis, Vintersorg, Iced Earth, Sadus, Sebastian Bach, Dragonlord, Obituary]
John Tempesta: drums [White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Helmet, Scum of the Earth, The Cult, Exodus, Testament]
Andy Sneap: mixing

 Check video review of this album:  https://youtu.be/a4yXg97TW9M


5.0 out of 5 stars Superb
Take the best of 2 legendary albums, add modern production, and you must be onto a winner.
That Testament wrote the greatest Thrash tunes either side of Exodus or early Metallica is no secret. The songs themselves are timeless, fantastic, brilliant – in fact above any criticism by a sane man.
For me at least the New Order songs actually benefit markedly from the new heavier production. That is why this album is truly absolutely superb.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great musicians for good re-interpretations,
Testament is a great metal band, and this is testified by this re-recording of tracks belonging to their first 2 albums.
It is worth noting that almost all the songs seems to have been played with guitars tuned one tone lower than the original, maybe to provide more singing ease to Chuck.
These new interpretations surely add some “meat” to the already fantastic Testament material.
Taken as a whole is a very mature album, where each and every individuals technical prowess stands out clearly. Alex is fantastic as ever, clearly influenced by his new musical interests; Steve DiGiorgio is as clear as bottom-ended, and confirms himself to be a great, great metal bass player. Chucks growls are pure energy, Erics rhythm guitar is thick and groovy, and drummer Joey Tempesta drives the whole band … over the wall!


5.0 out of 5 stars The New Old Order,
This isn’t so much of a new album, but is the Testament of old done by the Testament of today, that is to say, stuff from the first two albums re-done in the more death-metal style that they like to do now.
Along with Chuck and Eric is original guitarist Alex Skolnick, with Steve DiGiorgio taking up bass duties, and John Tempesta doing the drums.

If you’ve heard any of the last three albums (Low, Demonic, or The Gathering), then you’ll know how Testament sound now, but it wasn’t always so; they started out in 1987, after having to change their name from Legacy, the released ‘The Legacy’. It was more in line with thrash at that time, fast, with melting solos and raging choruses. The following albums ‘The New Order’, ‘Practice What You Preach’, and souls Of Black’ continued this trend, with a slight dash of melody with every subsequent release. souls….’ came out in 1990. After that, the band seemed to be a little less together, but still managed ‘The Ritual’, in 1992. It was probably the most commercial record they did, and was quite melodic. It wasn’t bad though. This led to the initial departure of Alex, along with drummer Louie Clemente. The remaining members gained James Murphy and John Tempesta for ‘Low’, in 1994, and James left for ‘Demonic’ in 1997, and so did John, with Gene Hoglan taking up the drums. After nearly splitting up around the release of that record, Testament got a sort of resurgence for ‘The Gathering’. The addition of Steve as a permanent member, James helping again, and Dave Lombardo’s drumming gave them one of their best albums from the last few years. That brings us up to now. Chuck had to deal with something that seemed to hinder a lot of the metal world in 2001-2002; potentially fatal illness. Chuck got cancer, but fought back hard, and won. Around this time, James also got a tumour around his eye, and he also made it.

This meant that things were a bit slow for Testament. Eric had his DragonLord project, but then the idea came up over the forums on the internet… What would the old Testament songs sound like with this new production and sound? This intrigued the band enough to make an album of songs from their first two albums, in today’s sound. The result; First Strike Still Deadly.

Taking 6 songs from ‘The Legacy’ (First Strike Is Deadly, Trial By Fire, Burnt Offerings, Over The Wall, The Haunting and Alone In The Dark), and 4 from ‘The New Order’ (Into The Pit, Disciples Of The Watch, The Preacher, and The New Order), along with an old demo ‘Reign Of Terror’, the sound is very similar to the last three albums by Tesament; downtuned guitars and a very heavy production, with low-end vocals from Chuck, but retaining the feel of the old songs quite remarkably.

If you’ve heard the old songs, then you can compare them easily. Alex hasn’t lost a step at all, and can play everything just as well as he could before, although there is a small drop in speed. Alex also includes some slightly different solos.

Steve and John do really well too, although they wouldn’t have been as anticipating as the original members…

Its interesting to hear the melody of the original songs translated into a more heavier version of itself, and none of it loses any of its former meaning.

The best surprise though, comes with ‘Alone In The Dark’, and ‘Reign Of Terror’, which feature original singer (and current Exodus singer) Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza. Its interesting to hear how he originally sung Testament songs, and completes the nostalgic feel.

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