TERRORIZER 135 Signed, autographed Sept. 2005, Power Metal Special, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Nuclear Assault, Dream Theater, Dark Funeral, Motley Crue. MINT


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TERRORIZER 135 Sep 2005
Power Metal Special (#135, 2005)
Part one of the power metal special featured a DragonForce cover, a brief history of the genre, a look at the scene in Germany and in the UK as well as interviews with DragonForce and Dream Theater. The poster had Manowar on one side and the fantasy art of Paul Raymond Gregory on the other. Another fantasy artist, Chris Achillëos, gave a harsh blow-by-blow critique of power metal album covers.

Also features articles on Arch Enemy, Opeth, Eyehategod, Scum, Motley Crue, Dream Theater, Dark Funeral, and more. 96 pages.  Approximately 11 & 1/2″ x 8 & 1/2″ in size.

Terrorizer 135 …uk 01/09/2005 with Power Metal Special on the cover inside there are features on
Interview with Opeth

Interview with Scum

Interview with Arch Enemy


Nuclear Assault

Blut Aus Nord

Appease Me

Ritual Carnage

Power Metal special includes Dream Theater & Dragonforce

Posters of Manowar!