Ted NUGENT: Little Miss Dangerous LP 1986. Check the video of the LP for sale! Check videos including one in an episode of Miami Vice! Check video reviews of the album too!


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Check the video of the LP for sale:  

Check the video of the LP for sale!  

Little Miss Dangerous is Ted Nugent third album released on the Atlantic label in 1986. The single “Little Miss Dangerous” was Ted Nugent’s most successful US-single at the time. This is mostly because the track was featured in an episode of the same name of the American television series Miami Vice. The track “Angry Young Man” was also used in an episode of Miami Vice entitled “Definitely Miami”, in which Nugent guest-starred as a pimp/drug dealer and was killed in a shoot-out with Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson).

Label: WEA – 252 388-1
Format: Vinyl , LP, Album
Country: Germany
Dated: 1986

Track listing:
“”High Heels In Motion”” – 3:35
“”Strangers”” – 3:53
“”Little Miss Dangerous“” – 4:50
“”Savage Dancer”” – 3:55
“”Crazy Ladies”” – 3:43
“”When Your Body Talks”” – 3:16
“”Little Red Book”” – 3:06
“”Take Me Away“” – 3:14
“”Angry Young Man”” – 3:57
“”Painkiller”” – 6:02

All songs written and arranged by Ted Nugent, except “”Strangers””, written by Bill Costi/Ted Nugent; “”When Your Body Talks””, written by Ben Shultz/Eric Scott; “”Little Red Book””, written by Burt Bacharach/Hal David; “”Take Me Away””, written by Dave Amato/Ted Nugent.
The single release Little Miss Dangerous (b/w Angry Young Man) was Ted Nugent most successful US-single at the time. This is mostly because the track was featured in one episode of the TV series Miami Vice as background music.
A promotional video clip was produced for Little Miss Dangerous.

Considering how much I dug Teds 1981 release Intensities In 10 Cities, it would be a full 5 years later when in 1986 I would purchase another Nuge release. And what a great album this turned out to be:

HIGH HEELS IN MOTION- well the vocals and the solo are good. For this release everything was done by the Nuge and Dave Amato (co singer and Rhythm guitarist) actually Amato gets a few tracks here at lead singing and he reminds me of Derek St Holmes but a 80s version! Amato has now been with REO Speedwagon for like 25 years now but in 86 he was literally riding shotgun with Nugent!

STRANGERS- pretty good as well!

LITTLE MISS DANGEROUS – is sleaze ball Nuge…..and of course the title track of said current release.  It’s a slower built tune. Also of mention on this album is the guitar synth a la Judas Priest (“Turbo” album).

LITTLE RED BOOK – more Burt Bacharach than rock 😉 No worries though it was written by Burt Bacharach.

TAKE ME AWAY-  this is one of the best two songs on here! Amato sings lead and Ted slams the door shut with his guitar playing! Great song. This is the one he co-wr0te with Amato. Ted should have tapped the boys creativity a little more!

ANGRY YOUNG MAN- if you watched that Miami Vice clip here’s the audio of it!  [Miami Vice was the big TV show in 1986 and on one episode The Nuge played the role of a drug dealer]

PAINKILLER- whoa…now we are talking hombre! This song slams some nasty 6 string bass at the beginning and this is the other real good song on here! Painkiller is the heaviest track on here and well. Ted and Dave deliver the goods on the way out!

Ted Nugent “Little Miss Dangerous

The work is a pretty pop piece that was made in 1986 before the formation of Dam Yankees.

There are catchy riffs that are conscious of LA metal, and depending on the song, there are Cheap Trick-like numbers, and you can imagine Ted enjoying hard rock in the 80’s.

You can feel dignity and leeway as expected only for the big figure who has pulled American Hard with Kiss and Aerosmith. Of course, it’s a pretty cool album to listen to.

The guitarist who supported him at that time, Dave Amato, later participated in REO Speedwagon, and contributed to the composition of this work.

The album title song was cut as a single and recorded the most famous smash hit as Ted’s solo name.

(It’s a mysterious good song with an 80’s New Wave arrangement and guitar.) ‘ is a cover of Manfred Mann and written by Burt Bacharach. Although the content is quite varied, it can be said that the pop development that can be said to be in the 80’s is quite unique for Ted.






「Strangers」は、あの「ロッキー」のテーマ曲を手掛けた事で有名なビル・コンティとの共作、「Little Red Book」はマンフレッド・マンのカヴァーでバート・バカラック作の曲となっています。



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