SYMPHORCE: Twice Second PROMO CD with additional promo info as a CD-ROM part 2004. Mint condition. Savatage. Check audio.


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Promo CD Cardsleeve    Mint condition. 
Year 2004
Time 48:51
Label Metal Blade Records

First Fall 5:54
Second Tears 4:41
Third Whatever Hate Provides 4:34
4th Cause Of Laughter 5:04
5th In The Cold 3:45
6th Take Whats Mine 5:36
7th Face Of Pain 4:23
8th Searching 4:27
9th Two Seconds to Live 3:58
10th Cry On My Shoulder 6:29



5.0 out of 5 stars WOW! I wish more people knew about them!,
Amazing German band! I’ve read a lot of reviews that classify them as power metal, even though they have lots of power elements there is also many forms mixed in there…which is what makes them so great!Progressive, trash, speed…only to name a few as they are heavily influenced by many classics. In this day and age where nu-metal is so popular and so boringly predictable…and they all sound the same!(yawn) these guys are a breath of fresh air in the metal front! A must for any metal fan who enjoys heavy melodic riffs and outstanding soaring vocals…the previous albums are amazing as well! If you want to get to know them get Twice Second and Phorcefull Ahead….you will not be disappointed! Cheers metalheads m/

5.0 out of 5 stars Modern Metal Masterpiece!,
This has got to be among the best albums I own. Symphorce have truly created a masterpiece in Twice Second that sounds modern and very fresh and they establish themselves in the elite of metal bands.
Symphorce play a sort of power/thrash metal in vein of Brainstorm, Nevermore, and a hint of old Megadeth. Instead of copying silly happy power metal bands with all of the usual cliches Symphorce employs there own personal sound based on creative heavy riffs, modern sensibilities, and catchy masterful songwriting.
Cede and Marcus write some incredible riffs (Nevermore style) and jaw dropping leads, while the rhythm section is heavy and crushing. Andy is simply one of the best vocalists in metal period.
This album is a must have for fans of Brainstorm, Nevermore, Evergrey, Angel Dust, and Tad Morose. Symphorce has set the bar high and I wonder if even they will be able to top it. Buy it and be reminded why you are a metal fan!

5.0 out of 5 stars Very melodic kickass band from Germany,
well once again Symphorce has stepped up to the plate and kicked ass. This CD is awesome i listen to it every day. Symphorce reminds me of angel dust and a little bit of Savatage because the singer sounds a little like him and that’s very rare to hear that.

5.0 out of 5 stars Symphorce does it again
Another great record by the power metal act. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes metal this is a great record.

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