SUSPERIA: Unlimited PROMO CD 2004. underrated Norwegian thrash metal a la Testament. Dimmu Borgir members. Check official videos + audio


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Unlimited = Studio album by Susperia
Released: June 29, 2004
Recorded: October 2003-December 2003
Genre: Thrash metal
Length: 45:35
Label: Tabu Recordings
Producer: Susperia

Unlimited is third studio album by the Norwegian thrash metal band Susperia.

Track listing:
“Chemistry” 4:34
“The Coming Past” 3:42
“Situational Awareness” 4:41
“Devil May Care” 5:50
“Off the Grid” 4:24
“Years of Infinity” 4:46
“Home Sweet Hell” 4:44
“Mind Apart” 4:17
“Beast by Design” 4:03
“Untouched” 4:34

Athera – Vocals
Cyrus – Guitars
Elvorn – Guitar
Memnock – Bass
Tjodalv – Drums

5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable,
Susperia’s ‘Unlimited’ is their best album to date. With killer songs like Chemistry, Home Sweet Hell, Situational Awareness, and Devil May Care, this album is definitely worth it. Every song on this album is great, delivering the dark and heavy music Susperia is famous for. If you have never heard Susperia before, this album should be your first, and will not be your last. For those existing Susperia fans who don’t already own this, I have but one question for you; What are you waiting for?
5.0 out of 5 stars Now this is the future of Thrash!,
I bought this cd knowing only that they supposedly sounded like Testament. and well this is the best album Testament never recorded. this has all the good elements from the melodic death metal scene and all the best elements of thrash metal. Not only does the music kill, I mean some of the best flowing songs and solos I’ve heard in a while. but Susperia have one of the best vocalists in the scene right now. Along with Bio-mechanical, and Nevermore, Susperia are the future of metal…and the future is looking bright.
5.0 out of 5 stars Very surprising album,
They may not be the best known band but this album along with the other 2 just blew my mind away. Before Predominance, the hardest I’d ever listened to was Slayer and I didn’t care for black and death metal at all. Susperia combines those two with thrash (my favorite type of metal) making more melodic music. Highly recommended.


5.0 out of 5 stars They deliver again and again,
Susperia delivers again with their unique delivering of Thrash, Death, and Black Metal influenced chaos. Throw in the occasional Power Metal (ala Judas Priest) vocals and you have some really innovative music that oozes aggression and hatred as well as creativity and atmosphere. I was a little worried about this bands 3rd album (the 3rd album usually solidifies a bands greatness by either making or breaking them) but my worries were all put to rest when I heard the opening guitar intro to “Chemistry”. Fans of this bands previous work will not be disappointed, Susperia delivers once again; who cares what former bands these guys used to belong to, because now they have a style and sound thats unmatched and all their own. m/ Thats very rare in the metal scene nowadays and bands that do have what it takes to set themselves apart should be praised, the individual musicians in this band are amazing and are obviously throwing everything out there to burn off whatever labels they have been stuck with.
5.0 out of 5 stars Best New Group In A LONG LONG Time,
Chemistry. That was the song I heard just one time and I had to figure out who made it. It was then I discovered Susperia and their latest album Unlimited. What sucked was, nobody carried the newest effort by Susperia. However, came through and within the week I received a copy of Ulimited and was immediately hooked.

I am not a huge Death Metal fan, though I do find groups I tend to like. However, Susperia is not a true Death Metal group, which is most likely due to their Northern European influences. What is nice is you get a touch of several musical flavors from traditional Death Metal, to Classic Metal, Speed Metal and just all around good music. My favorite songs are: Chemistry, Home Sweet Hell and Devil May Care. However, all the songs are great and I have listened to everyone over and over.

What is the most amazing part is the melodic aspect of Susperia. An aspect that is amazingly beautiful and yet still maintains its hard edge. Sometimes when heavy groups try to bring in a little melody to their music, they lose their edge and start sounding like a ballad. Ick! However, Susperia avoids this problem and just bowls you over straight through the album. The only problem I have is the fact this album just came out and I just cannot get enough of this new band!
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome CD,
Hey there everyone. Just want to let you know that i haven’t heard the entire CD yet but all that i have heard so far is great. I do appreciate it. It rocks. The music and voice all sound perfect.
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning!,
This has got to be one of the greatest albums ever. From start to finish it is an ever encompassing, engaging, and captivating listen. These guys slice and dice through some of the most inventive and ingenious riffs I have ever heard. Athera is one of the greatest throats in Metal ever. He can do it all and his vocal performance on this record is absolutely incredible. This is a fine piece of work. Epic, brutal, catchy, and beautiful.
5.0 out of 5 stars This is Susperias best Cd,
I have all there Cds and have reviewed some of them, just know this, Unlimited is there without a doubt there best effort, as close to a flawless cd that you will find… All the songs on this Cd are Killer with #7 getting alot of replay on my cd. With all the Cds in my collections and many great cds being released since 2004, this cd kinda found its way into middle of my cd collection. (I have like 7 cd booklets each of them each holding 144 all full no empty slots) but after digging thru them an rearranging some I pulled this one out in early 2009 and haven’t stopped listening to it since. Vindication the cd that came out before this is great to but I give the edge to this cd its just simply amazing. I guess one reason I have listened to this alot is the quality in my opinion of there last 2 cds has started to wane a little. If you read my review on there newest output for Attitude you’ll know what I mean… although that cd is very slowly starting to grow on me its still not even close to this cd. ok now i’m babbling if you just want to listen to a pure metal cd thrash/death/groove whatever buy this cd you will not be disappointing… heres to hoping the return to form in the future and put a cd out that is on the same level as Unlimited or better… cheers…
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Metal, Period,
This for me is one of my top metal albums in my extensive collection. I know im coming across as repetitive, but they are definitely a cross btw Testament and some Dimmu. Atheras vocals are amazing, moving from classic death growls to gritty clean vocals, very much sounding like Testaments Chuck Billy. The guitar work is superb, much more rhythmic based, but a few blistering solos and lead fills. If ur fan of metal in general, this is a good buy.
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing CD, worth every penny,
Susperia includes ex members from Dimmu Borgir, Old Mans Child, and Satyricon, yet don’t have the black metal sound like those bands, but has more of a melodic death sound. My favorite tracks are “Chemistry”, “This Coming Past,” and “Home Sweet Hell.” The guitar work is not spectacular, but still very good, no bone crushing solos though. The drum work is extremely well done. The vocals own the vocals of Dimmu Borgir, Old Mans Child, and Satyricon, this singer is great. This is definitely an album to pick up.

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