Susie HATTON: Body And Soul LP 1991 Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale. Sex goddess w. Bret Michaels of Poison (composed songs, performed, produced) + great Rolling Stones cover! Check video!


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Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Susie Hatton – Body And Soul
Label: Giant Records – 7599-24415-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock
A1 Blue Monday 3:17
A2 Feed My Fire 3:47
A3 Body And Soul 4:22
A4 The Hotter It Gets 3:17
A5 Runaway 3:56

B1 Believe In Me 4:06
B2 Wait Until The Night 3:52
B3 Brown Sugar 3:00
B4 You Still Got Me 3:41
B5 When Loves Come Knockin’ 4:52
Producer – Bret Michaels
Barcode: 0 7599-24415-1 3
Rights Society: GEMA / BIEM
Label Code: LC 0322

Susie Hatton Body And Soul
Susie Hatton lead and backing vocals, keyboards
Jeff Schunk drums
Pat Schunk guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion
Sean Englesby bass
Mark Konrad synthesizer
Bret Michaels (from Poison) acoustic guitar, backing vocals, harmonica, producer

1. Blue Monday 3:16
2. Feed My Fire 3:46
3. Body and Soul 4:22
4. The Hotter it Gets 3:17
5. Runaway 3:55
6. Believe in Me 4:05
7. Wait Until the Night 3:51
8. Brown Sugar 2:59
9. You Still Got Me 3:41
10. When Love Comes Knockin’ 4:51

Total Running Time: 38:03

SUSIE HATTON Body And Soul (Deleted 1991 US 10-track album produced by Bret Michaels of Poison who also plays acoustic guitar & harmonica plus does the backing vocals, fold-out lyric picture sleeve)


Susie was the chick in Poison’s “Fallen Angel” video and she was Bret’s girlfriend for a while. Bret also produced this and co-wrote all the songs with Susie and two other guys. She opened for Bret when he did his solo tour in the Fall of 1991. Some of the tunes sound like Poison. Her voice even sounds like a female Bret Michaels. She sings like him and you can occasionally hear Bret signing the backups, such as on “Brown Sugar”, which is a cover of the Rolling Stones song. There are also a few ballads. The booklet has 8 panels including all the lyrics. There are also 2 photos of Susie with ripped jeans (yummy).

In an interview Susie mentioned: “Let me tell you the situation as far as my album, and how I got signed. When I first started writing with Bret, he wrote maybe four or five songs and I started working from there, on the melody line. Eventually, over the course of nine, ten months we had thirteen songs. And, at first when we tried to get those songs signed, no one was interested. So, that blows the whole theory about being Brets girlfriend getting a record deal, and all that stuff. I felt real good about the songs. It was my first time to ever write with someone like Bret. Bret felt good, and Howard (Kaufman) who manages me is real, real supportive, so we decided to go ahead without an official record deal, and do the album. Howard was gonna finance it, and so Bret started a record co. just so I would have a name on the album, in case we’d get signed when we were done. Anyway, we used Poorboy. After the album was done, we shopped it again, and right then Irving Azhoff who owned Giant Records, had opened his label, so we signed with them. So, thats why it has four different names under it. Its like Poorboy/Giant/ Reprise. Since Reprise is part of Warner Bros, thats why Warner’s is distributing”




This is a good album…Bret Michaels of Poison has written most of the tracks…


actually , she is a very talented lady . FANS are aware of her workings. therefore , this album is KOOL as hell. and , yes, Bret co-wrote and ,solely, produced the LP; this LP STILL KICKS ASS !!!!!!


This LP is one of my favorites!! Great songs!! Listen “Believe in Me” and “Blue Monday”


The cover she did of “Brown Sugar” rules. The photos of her on the back and inside of this LP are pretty good.


I really like this LP, does anybody know where she is today, and what she is doing? I know her and Bret broke up.


This is a really good LP, the girl is delicious and so is this LP..


I think that it was a great album! I still count it as one of my fave albums as to date.


Susie Hatton’s album “Body and Soul” is very good. Wonderful Aor. But the power ballads “Runaway” and the good rocking song “believe in me” is worth the whole LP. If you like AOR, then buy this baby


Nice LP a la Robin Beck but poppier.


great album! must have for any glam/aor fan! The  hard rock/pop-metal and arena rock is very Poison-minded; many of the up-tempo tunes sound like a cross between Poison and Vixen. However, Hatton is closer to Belinda Carlisle’s post-Go-Gos solo output on pop/rock ballads like “Runaway” and “Wait Until the Night.” And that is an interesting range of influences to have — not many people who were heavily influenced by the glossy ’80s pop-metal of Vixen and Poison could also claim Carlisle as an influence on some of their slower songs. There are still obsessive rock collectors and die-hard Poison fans who want to hear this.


Another album that i want to be more specific about…ala Robin Beck but poppier could be easily the description of this Susie Hatton release…apart of being produced by the nowadays reality show “actor” Bret Michaels (Poison).. anyway “Blue Monday” is a nice AOR starter, “Body & Soul” a good one,”The Hotter It Gets” has a rhythm, “Believe In Me” a pop song with AOR feel & “You Still Got Me” nice track…up 2 u guys!!!…85/100

Fallen Angel

Hatton appears in the  1988 POISON video “Fallen Angel”.

The music video to “Fallen Angel” mostly follows the lyrics to the song, and was in heavy rotation on MTV. In the video, a young blonde (portrayed by Bret’s then-girlfriend, model and then aspiring singer/actress Susie Hatton) tells her family, at dinner, that she is leaving for California at the end of the week, a statement that surprises and silences them. She arrives in Los Angeles with a suitcase in tow, eventually catching the attention of a guy (played by veteran character actor Anthony James) who manages a modeling agency and who offers her a job. She becomes a success, but feels like she is selling out her morals for fame. The girl and the manager start dating, but when he starts getting friendly with other ladies at a party, she leaves. He tries to get her back, but the girl gives him a kick in the groin, and walks off. She is back on the streets, but is picked up by Bret Michaels on a motorcycle and rides off into an unknown future. As her story ends, another girl, played by Michelle Davis, arrives, hoping to find fame and fortune…

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