SUPERGUM: Airplane CD Alternative / metal with Sonic Youth, The Pixies elements


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UPERGUM was born on december ’95 and performed high quality Alternative / metal with Sonic Youth and The Pixies as your guides. SUPERGUM overwhelmes you with great guitarsounds and bass/drum parts.. November  97 was a milestone for the members of the band : they released their first CD-single, AIRPLANE   with three songs (Airplane !, Eating Bullets, Last Song). The label BOOM!-records from Halle (Belgium) made sure that everyone listened to SUPERGUM on national and regional radio stations. They even made it to number 23 in the charts of the national alternative radio station Studio Brussels. These charts are composed by the listeners’ votes who can sum up the 3 songs they like the most at the moment. Although SUPERGUM’s singles were not available in the stores, they achieved this very unusual spot and stayed in the charts for 8 weeks !!! Apart from the same titled song watch out for the excellent Eating Bullets and Last Song


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