STRYPER: Against The law [tape] CHECK VIDEO
STRYPER: Against The law [tape] CHECK VIDEO
STRYPER: Against The law [tape] CHECK VIDEO

STRYPER: Against The law [tape] CHECK VIDEO


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Track listing
1. Against the Law
2. Two Time Woman
3. Rock the People
4. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)

5. Not That Kind of Guy 6. Shining Star (cover version )

7. Ordinary Man 8. Lady 9. Caught in the Middle 10. All For One

11. Rock the Hell Out of You

5.0 out of 5 stars Their best…..and their last.,
For those who don’t know, Stryper were the biggest overtly Christian band of the ’80 rock/hair metal scene by a long way.
Having caused a stir with an EP of demos that later became a full album (dodgy production), and then grown and matured with their next release, they struck gold (and even platinum) with “”To Hell With The Devil””. Vocals from the Vince Neil school, but far higher range, more power, and good vibrato (diaphragm, to those who know). And Heavy guitars.
This was a heavier album than the last one, and overall much better. The production is superb, the musicianship has once again moved on – Oz Fox on the guitar was fantastic, some of the stuff he does is in the same league as the Van Halen of this world. And he uses a wah too! And this time Tim Gaines did get to play on the record – very good he is too. They must have been nuts to replace him in the past. Having said that, Randy Jackson plays on Shining Star, and I can understand why, fret-less is quite a specialised thing.

The band also explore some different feels. The title track (following a “”comical”” intro) uses a swing feel (a bit like The Prisoner by Iron Maiden), a superb guitar riff (following a comical intro), a great solo, and interesting chorus that sticks in your brain.

Other favourites of mine are Not That Kind Of Guy (very funny, crazy guitar work, including a ping-pong??!!) Shining Star (walking bass, nice chorus, great solo – shame it a cover!), Ordinary Man (harmonies galore), Lady (excellent ballad), Caught In The Middle (fast rocker, wonderful chorus, heavy riff, great for head-banging), All For One (slower rocker, some off the wall timing, very interesting guitar lines, combining acoustic and electric, and I’m still not sure how he does the solo), and Rock The Hell Out Of You, which ends things at a furious pace.

The down side was the lack of overt Christianity on this album, after all, they were supposed to be Christians. In later times they all admitted they regretted that omission, and maybe that was partly why ATL wasn’t as successful as perhaps it should have been. But it still an excellent hair-metal album, and musically perhaps Stryper best. Treat yourself.


5.0 out of 5 stars Christian Glam-Rockers harden their image,
In this their last release up to present, the premier Christian Glam-Metal group harden their image with a good set of rockers and ballads that have been their trade mark. This album was made after a change of management and this was reflected in the slight change in image and less religious content in their lyrics though they continue to do what they do best from the frenetic “”Not that kind of guy”” to the beautiful “”Lady””. All in all a good, solid album which showed that they were more than a band with a gimmick.


5.0 out of 5 stars their best album,
JESUS is non existent on this one,and that is a VERY positive thing, and they rock harder than ever!
an album that every heavy metal fan should own!
This album always get bad reviews because it is not ‘Christian rock’ as such, but hey,.. who cares it rocks and finally the non Christian Stryper fans can enjoy an album by them without being preached at!! hooray for Stryper. “

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