STRANGULATION: Carnage in Heaven CDR promo. Brutal Death Metal. Check all songs


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Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Karlskoga
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Brutal Death Metal 2002 (all songs, every second)
featuring Dennis from SoP on vocals!
1. Inhuman Autopsy
2. Merciless Strangulation
3. Carnage in Heaven
Total playing time 07:28

Inserts are factory printed, disc is a CDR


John Carlsson Bass
Tobias Israelsson Drums
See also: Icon Blood, Plague Angel, ex-Butchery
Juha Helttunen Guitars
See also: ex-Butchery
Jonathan Gonzales Vocals
See also: ex-Butchery

The three songs featured here contain finest brutal Death Metal from Sweden comparable to older CANNIBAL CORPSE (especially the session vocals done by Dennis of SPAWN OF POSSESSION / VISCERAL BLEEDING ala Chris Barnes) or DEICIDE, but STRANGULATION are definitely no copy, because they add their own straightness and also a slight old school feeling to it. This is underlined by the layout of the CD inlay too, which arouses associations with the classic Swedish Death Metal acts GRAVE or NIHILIST, because their first demos were also in this black & white style, very cool!!! What is also great about this demo CD, is that STRANGULATION do not make attempts at being extremely technical or innovative, but concentrate on a direct impact and a powerful drive. The production is also very good and makes Carnage In Heaven sound authentic, energetic and nicely raw. If you are into Death Metal, no matter if you prefer the old school style or brutal Death, you gonna love this awesome demo, because it is somewhere in the middle. It is absolutely done with heart.

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