STEALIN HORSES: 1st, debut, s.t LP 1988 appearances by Neil Young, the entire Toto line up, etc. CHECK VIDEOS


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Arista Records. This album, released in 1988 on the Arista label, was the first major release of Wishing Chair co-founder, Kiya Heartwood and drummer Kopana Terry. It is currently out of print (a definite collector item!). It doesn’t fit neatly into a particular genre, of course, but we think of it as Arista answer to Buffalo Springfield, with a rock and roll, folksy edge. Highly produced, radio friendly and extremely listenable, it features Kiya songs and vocals as well as guest appearances by Neil Young, Pete Anderson, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, the entire Toto team and Waddy Wachtel.

The guests are a who’s who, that’s for sure!


Lukathers on it, nuff said! it’s a 5 star must have! so go get it!


pretty good release for STEALIN HORSE; imagine something like HEART from the countryside under a crystal production mostly cause of Greg Ladanyi and ARISTA record’s help! it has its great moments like “turnaround”,”walk away”, the vocals are excellent and some great guests like Steve Lukather, so worth picking up!

Category: melodic rock

Year: 1988

Label: Arista Bmg

Stealin Horses Stealin Horses Album Cover
Kiya Heartwood lead vocals, guitar
Kopana Terry drums, backing vocals

Steve Lukather guitar
Mandy Meyer guitar
Mike Porcaro bass
Neil Young harmonica
Pete Anderson guitar
Kevin Dukes guitar, mandolin
Bob Glaub bass
Danny Kootch Kortchmar guitar
Russ Kunkel percussion, drums
John J.R. Robinson percussion, drums
Richard Wachtel guitar
Waddy Wachtel guitar
Leland Sklar bass
Jai Winding keyboards

1.   Turnaround 3:47
2.   Where All the Rivers Run 3:28
3.   Rain 3:49
4.   Harriet Tubman 3:14
5.   Walk Away 4:32
6.   The Well 4:58
7.   Gotta Get a Letter 3:48
8.   Dyin’ by the Gun 2:42
9.   Tangled 3:58
10.   Ballad of the Pralltown Cafe 3:57

Total Running Time:   38:13

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