STARS ON THRASH Roadrunner compilation 7″ FLEXI disc 1988. 12 Thrash Metal songs. Check videos


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Label: Roadrunner Records
Catalog#: none
Format: Flexi-disc, 7″, 33  RPM, Sampler, Single Sided
Country: US
Released: 1988
Genre: Thrash Metal
A1 Flotsam And Jetsam – Dreams Of Death
A2 Mucky Pup – Lie 4 Def
A3 D.R.I. – Manifest Destiny
A4 Pestilence – Commandments
A5 Toxik – Heart Attack
A6 Paradox – Paradox
A7 S.O.D. – Kill Yourself
A8 Acrophet – Corrupt Minds
A9 Gothic Slam – Fought For Death
A10 Slayer – Evil Has No Boundaries (Live)
A11 Sacred Reich – Death Squad
A12 Znowhite – Baptised By Fire
A13 Kat – Satan Says
A14 Atrophy – Chemical Dependency
A15 Hades – Opinionate!

Band(s): Flotsam And Jetsam, Mucky Pup, D.R.I., Pestilence, Toxik, Paradox, S.O.D., Acrophet, Gothic Slam, Slayer, Sacred Reich, Znowhite, Kat, Atrophy, Hades…etc.

Flexi discs were popular and were included in magazines. Sometimes it would be band interviews, music. Imagine having to stop reading your magazine, cut out the flexi disc and put it on your turn table. Far out, dude!