Speed Kills - The Very Best In Speed Metal. Music For Nations compilation MFN 54

Speed Kills – The Very Best In Speed Metal LP 1985. Music For Nations compilation MFN 54. Check samples. Exodus, Destruction, Metallica, Slayer, Possessed, Exciter, Venom, Voivod, Megadeth, Celtic Frost, etc.


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Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

VARIOUS Speed Kills (Hard to find 1985 UK 12-track label sampler LP featuring ‘The Very Best In Speed Metal’ and including previously unreleased tracks by SLAYER, VENOM & EXCITER, complete with original picture/credits inner sleeve

Speed Kills – The Very Best In Speed Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Catalog#: MFN 54
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1985
Style: Thrash, Speed Metal
compiled by Dave Constable and Mark Palmer

A1 Hallows Eve Metal Merchants (4:22)
A2 Exodus A Lesson In Violence (3:52)
A3 Destruction Bestial Invasion (4:25)
A4 Bulldozer Insurrection Of The Living Damned (5:26)
A5 Metallica Fight Fire With Fire (4:44)
A6 Slayer Evil Has No Boundaries (Live) (3:10) [unreleased live song]

B1 Possessed Pentagram (3:32)
B2 Exciter Riders From Darkness (5:37) [unreleased live song]
B3 Venom Black Metal (New Version) (4:38) [re-recorded version of a song originally released in 1982. It is reportedly not published anywhere else]
B4 Voivod War And Pain (4:55)
B5 Megadeth Rattlehead (3:39)
B6 Celtic Frost Into The Crypts Of Rays (4:15)

Great album from start to finish;
This is worth getting for the unreleased Exciter track Riders From Darkness as well as Venoms remake of Black Metal, tracks that are unavailable anywhere else as far as I know.
Back in 1985, Metallica and Slayer were the “”big names”” of the bands on this compilation, with Exciter, Megadeth, Exodus and Venom right behind them.

24 years later and untold millions of records sold by Metallica and Megadeth alone, this compilation stands as a testimonial to what was then the new genre of “”speed metal””; those who would become the successors to the metal gods of the past.

Speed ​​Kills – The Very Best in Speed ​​Metal is a 1985 release album of speed and thrash metal .

It is the first album for Music for Nations to  of the 6 Speed ​​Kills albums from 1985-1992.

The first Speed ​​Kills album contains a total of 12 songs, mostly from North American bands. Featuring genres of artists such as Metallica , Megadeth and Slayer , who in recent years became the biggest names in the genre.

The album also features songs from other notable pioneers in the industry. They include Celtic Frost from Switzerland , Voivod in Canada , Exodus in the United States and Venom in the UK who developed black metal . Of the artists featured on the album, only the Italian Bulldozer was a bit unknown.

Venom’s “Black Metal” to be heard on the album is a re-recorded version of a song released in 1982 with an album of the same name . It is reportedly not published anywhere else. Also Slayer “Evil Has No Boundaries” was previously unreleased live version.


Exciter performance is so over-the-top and contains SO MUCH energy. Laugh all you want, but you’ll sift through 1,000 bands or more before you find another with the raw, manic energy these guys had in their glory days!

Old School Thrash at its very best!!!!,
This is the best Exciter album of all time. To make my review short and to the point, this makes you want to bang your head through the wall!!!!!! Nuff said!!

Exciter is a Canadian speed metal band from OttawaOntario. They are widely considered to be one of the first speed metal bands and a seminal influence of the thrash metal genre. Exciter have sold nearly 300,000 units in the USA and a total sales close to 500,000 units worldwide. Despite many changes in personnel, the band has managed to keep a small but dedicated following for over 30 years.


Speed Kills – The Very Best in Speed Metal on vuonna 1985 julkaistu speed– ja thrash metal -kokoelma-albumi.

Se on ensimmäinen brittiläisen Music for Nations -levymerkin kaikkiaan kuudesta vuosina 1985–1992 julkaisemasta Speed Kills -albumista. Lisäksi yhdysvaltalainen Heavy Artillery Records julkaisi vielä vuonna 2007 seitsemännen samannimisen kokoelma-albumin. Vuoden 2007 kokoelmalla ei kuitenkaan ole mitään yhteyttä 2004 toimintansa lopettaneen Music for Nations -yhtiön kanssa.

Ensimmäinen Speed Kills -albumi sisältää kaikkiaan 12 kappaletta lähinnä pohjoisamerikkalaisilta yhtyeiltä. Mukana on tyylilajin luoneita artisteja, kuten MetallicaMegadeth ja Slayer, jotka myöhempinä vuosina nousivat genren suurimmiksi nimiksi.

Albumilla on kappaleita myös muilta merkittäviltä alan pioneereilta. Mukana ovat muun muassa sveitsiläinen Celtic Frost, kanadalainen Voivod, yhdysvaltalainen Exodus ja black metalin kehittänyt englantilainen Venom. Levyllä esiintyvistä artisteista ainoastaan italialainen Bulldozer jäi myöhemmin lähes kokonaan tuntemattomaksi.

Levyllä kuultava Venomin ”Black Metal” on uudelleen levytetty versio yhtyeen samannimisellä albumilla vuonna 1982 julkaistusta kappaleesta. Sitä ei tiettävästi ole julkaistu missään muualla. Myös Slayerin ”Evil Has No Boundaries” oli ennen julkaisematon liveversio.

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