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Artist: Spartan Warrior
Track: Cold Hearted
Album: Steel n’ Chains
Year: 1983
Label: Guardian Records LP
This CD: Hot Metal Records CD 1993

1. Cold Hearted 03:17
2. Stormer 03:13
3. Easy Prey 03:14
4. Breaking Sweat 05:14
5. Steel ‘n Chains 03:52
6. Its Alright 04:30
7. Hell Hath no Mercy 03:25
8. Don’t Wanna Be a Loser 05:03
9. Witchfinder 04:18
10. Hunted 05:45

Dave Wilkinson – Lead Vocals
Neil Wilkinson – Guitar
Paul Swaddle – Guitar
Tom Spencer – Bass Guitar
Gordon Webster – Drums

Although Spartan Warrior never managed to reach the first league of NWOBHM, their albums remain worthy representatives of the old-school British scene, delivering a masterful combination of 70s Hard Rock, glam, speed and Heavy Metal of bands like Saxon, Tank, Iron Maiden and the Scorpions. The vocals of Dave Wilkinson are a medium-pitched clean reminiscent of Valhalla, Tysondog, and Hellanbach

5.0 out of 5 stars Completely Neglected Classic,
Spartan Warrior took me by surprise with this hidden masterpiece of the NWOBHM. The band, in comparison to their guitar-focused comrades, are very bass-centric, structuring their songs around heavy bass-grooves that make them quite unique — even amongst a music movement of uniqueness! All of the songs are memorable, and all of them are fast-attacking and feature amazing guitar riffs — plus the aforementioned bass grooves. It might even be a coincidence that this album sounds as good as it does, but man does it sound fantastic! If you are the type of metalhead who likes to actually hear the bass in the songs you are listening too… who enjoys killer guitar riffage and raw vocals, then Spartan Warrior has created the perfect album for you.

If I were to compare Spartan Warrior to another band… I would have difficulty. I would say that the instrumentals (with the exception of the bass) sound like Judas Priest, and the vocalist is really quite unique. I’m quite shocked that Spartan Warrior aren’t more lauded for this album, they really do some groundbreaking stuff here! It is at least worth your time to check out!

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