SONS OF POSEIDON: Live by the Sword CD. Modern Thrash Metal a la Anthrax, Exodus, Overkill, Testament. Check samples


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Poseidon (aka Neptune) was the god of the sea in Greek and Roman mythology. This power trio (vocalist/guitarist Carter Evenson, bassist Hat(?), and drummer Dave Johnson) play mean, aggressive, hard, thrashing metal! This is pure raw aggression and energy from beginning to end! They thrash it out like theres no tomorrow! They sound a bit like Pantera, but also throw in influence from other classic thrashers like Anthrax,Exodus, Overkill, and Testament. They are talented, and their playing is tight and tough as
nails! Anyone who likes their music hard and thrashing should check on the Sons Of Poseidon.
These guys KILL!” – Metal Mark (Host of Audio Aggression/ WNYO 88.9FM, New York).

“LIVE BY THE SWORD is the shit…it fucking rocks!!!” – Dennis Huff (KUPD in Phoenix)

“This band slices your throat with sharp-edged riffs and crams your eardrums ’til deafness follows!” – Beyond webzine (Belgium)

1. Expiration Date 03:29
2. Success Through Violence 04:41
3. Kill Shop 04:38
4. Sacrifice 03:42
5. Mercy 04:29
6. Resist 03:20
7. 1-Man 03:00
8. You Won’t See Me 02:54
9. Suicide Ride 04:31
10. Pil Sung 04:04

Check the first song only as others are not relevant:

Band members:
Hat Bass
Dave Johnson Drums
Carter Evenson Vocals, Guitars

Live By The Sword
Sons Of Poseidon is a band that is a classic case of why not to judge a book by its cover. The album cover art (which is outstanding), the name of the album, and even the band name all scream Power Metal that drips with fantasy and mythological themes. Buying into that assumption would be a serious mistake, as these three guys from North Dakota dish out a seriously heavy chunk of ass-kicking thrash sure to get your fist pumping and your head banging. Their press kit doesn’t go into much detail about the bands history, but they certainly have begun to establish themselves in the upper echelons of the underground. The bands music has been featured on several extreme sports shows, including ESPNs X-Games and MTV.

Live By The Sword leaps furiously from the speakers with the aggressive opening to “Expiration Date”. Even at this early stage of the album, Carter Evensons raw vocals and wild leads really define the sound of Sons Of Poseidon as a brilliant mixture of old school thrash and modern metal hostility. Comparisons to late-period Testament would not be inappropriate, but S.O.P. manage to keep a constant influx of modern metal vocal style and classic metal riffing and soloing to keep the album fresh and enjoyable. The second track on the album, “Success Through Violence”, slows the pace down a bit with chugging riffs and simple yet memorable hooks. My favorite song on the disc, “Kill Shop”, drives the tempo up yet again. Carter delivers some superb riffs that show classic AC/DC and Iron Maiden influences, and his solo sounds straight out metals glory days.

Overall Live By The Sword is a very tight blend of modern and classic thrash elements, resulting in a memorable listening experience. While Carters vocals and axework obviously stand out, bassist Hat and skinman Dave Johnson are noticeably masters of their craft, providing an unyielding foundation for Carters unrestrained leads and roller-coaster solos. Sons Of Poseidon are poised to be Americas answer to the multitude of Korn and Limp Bizkit clones polluting the radio waves.


5.0 out of 5 stars addictive cd, awesome cd, bang your head to S.o.P.,
i have had this cd forever now, well over a couple of years, i have purchased to many cd since buying this one to remember. but i took this cd to work and have been listening to it a lot
there is not a bad song on this cd. vocals are nice and harsh, catch catcy tunes, heavy, if you like to listen to any kind of rock or metal you really need to add this cd into your collection.
now i could be way off base here. but when i hear them, i think of early Armored Saint, just a heavier version of them, i hear some other bands influences in them, i just can’t think of them, i have piss poor memory, but i’m su re you’ll pick them out.

i have not been to there website in forever i hope they are still together. i would really like to see them come out with another cd.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Piece Of Metal!!!,
From the first “SIKKER SEIER” to the last, this CD ROCKS. I find myself not only listening to it once, but listening to it 4 or 5 times in a row!! Theres elements of 80s Rock, 90s Metal, combined with a big dose of modern ATTITUDE which combines to form a Rock Solid sound that is unlike anyone else in the metal field. No question about it….This is my favorite CD release of this year!! PIL-SUNG (Certain Victory) to S.O.P.!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars This KICKS.,
The first time i heard this i was blown away!!!I thought good Heavy metal died in the 80s but these guys are very innovative musically but also Pack the PUNCH it takes to make Metal Heavy!!I have seen these guys several times LIVE and they dont Fool around!! they play great live as well as entertain their audience–anything goes at their live shows! it is a must have for anyone who appreciates good heavy metal Music!!


5.0 out of 5 stars these guys kick some serious a$$,
Considering I don’t listen to this type of music, I just want to say that these guys rock. Totally original and very talented. GREAT live show! Who would think they were from the North? Let alone NORTH DAKOTA, great job!


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding,
This album ROCKS. If you like it loud and hard this is for you. The Vocals are very strong and the riffs are blistering. The Bass is pounding and the Drums hit you over the head like a brick. This album was created by three very talented individuals. This is the must have CD of 2001. Watch out for these guys coming to your town soon!


5.0 out of 5 stars badazz,
this should be sold in record stores all over the world

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