SONGSALIVE 5: compilation double 2CD from pop rock to ballads, to folk to indie pop


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Songsalive! CD Sampler 5 [double cd]

This offering from Songsalive, showcases up and coming talent for the new millennium in the world of songwriting. Songsalive!, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to supporting and promoting songwriters worldwide. This sampler showcases songwriters, where their music is heard by a huge network of music industry people waiting for “that next hit song.” The songwriters’ contacts are on the cover. The fifth album covers a diversity of genres from pop rock to ballads, to folk to indie pop. Designed to present songwriters from all over the world to the world. If you like to discover new talent, this disc has a whole lot of it. A generous 2 CD set.


1.   Tell Me – Patricia Koprowski

2.   That Town – Eileen Carey

3.   Firefly – Brandt Shandera

4.   Why Do You Love Me – Gilli Moon

5.   Dolphin’s Song – Aeneis

6.   Enough – Patricia Ossowski

7.   Julia Sits In Her Motor Car – Michael Langley

8.   Juanita – Moses Hauffen

9.   Sweet Devotion – B.J.McClean

10. Innocence Has Died – Stacy Golden

11. Bridge To Nowhere – Rick Rowan

12. Music Man – Tracy Stark

13. I Can Do Anything – Larissa Lam

14. Malena – Mark Doucet

15. How Long? – Derrick Horres

16. Walkin’ With My Best Friend – Stephen Kiely


17. The Journey – B.J.McClean

18. While I Was Dreaming – Dina Gathe

19. Days Seem So Long – Wendy Ford

20. I Like It That Way – Paul Kougias & N.J. Orr

21. Cry For Justice – J.C & Nannette Stephenson

22. Jessebelle – Theoadore Muddfoot

23. I Should’ve Known – Mark Darcourt

24. True – Roxanne Kiely

25. The Sun – Aeneis

26. Movin’ On – Tracy Stark

27. On Our Way – Rick Rowan

28. Maybe – Larissa Lam

29. Music of The Light – Lynn Geyer

30. Just Another Day – Stacy Golden

31. Up Until Now – Bruce Wallace

32. Between Your Heart And Mine – Marie Preston

33. Every Moment – Shahar Hillel

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