SKW: Connection CD Digipak. Modern Thrash Metal / Pantera. Check audio.


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Nu-Metal and Pantera type of Metal, melting aggression shapes it into an extremely powerful,aggressive, tribal, technological beast. The raging vocals and the violent guitar riffs blow everything and everyone face off. SKW climbs straight to the top of the genre and leaves a dirty, bleeding mark on the extreme-metal international market. Surfing on the dangerous edge that links the best bits of the Bay-Area Thrash movement to the wild modernism of the so called “”New Metal”” revolution SKW are surely weirder and rawer.

Line Up:
Simone – guitars , Mirko – Bass , Giancarlo – drums , Marco – Voice
1. Monocle
2. Psycho Instinct
3. Reptile
4. Spare Man
5. My Cure
6. Ten
7. Hateful Words
8. Adrenalize
9. Burner
10. Break Up
11. Connection
12. Zero/Device”

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