SKINTILLA: Shedding Skin CD Rare Australian import. Heavy Metal w. great soaring vocals. Check samples


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For fans of Judas Priest, Dio, Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden

Running length
6 tracks
Running time

1 Trust 3:24
2 White Flag Down 3:05
3 This Rage 4:02
4 Hate 3:34
5 Live the Lie 3:37
6 Silence 3:15

Already having amassed a strong following down under, the Aussie outfit is out to stamp their boot print with an impressive six-track EP that’s a rebirth of sorts for the seven year old band with prior membership issues and sound conflicts. Heavy Thrash barrage in the same vein as the Bay Area greats plus the necessary down-tuned density. Think of the combined reaction of mixing Nevermore with Anthrax and let your mind wander from there… still in all, there’s a bit of Priest’s style with every playback. The tunes are mid-paced and sharp without starry-eyed instrumental wanderings; a full band effort in every sense and fronted by a pumped guy with a pissed look who belts ’em out with a sense of purpose that sounds Ripper-like on the low end, Riot’s Mike DeMeo on another and/or any of a number of your classic NWOBHM favorites between the two. Pounding riffs, twin-axe solos and harmonies bring the intensity a level up on the listen-ability factor, lending character to traditionally-modelled tracks like “”Trust”” and “”This Rage”” before bowing out with a gripping ballad of near-epic proportions if not for its briefness. Skintilla’s “”Shedding Skin”” is a solid release that’s already skinned more than its share of hides in the outback region and it shouldn’t be long before they land that coveted opening slot for a late great Metal heavyweight or at least second stage second to last status at an Ozz-fest style gathering.

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