SKIN & BONES: Not a Pretty Sight LP 1990 UK. Check exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale! Glam Sleazy Hard Rock Gods. Poison, Guns N Roses. RARE. Check audio


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Check exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale:

Check exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale

just two words THE BEST… yeah, this is the best GLAM ALBUM EVER MADE. I like this rock style since 1987, i know bands like BIG BANG BABIES, ALLEYCAT SCRATCH, TAZBERRY BLUE, ROUGHHOUSE, WILD BOYZ, SWINGIN’ THING, HEART THROB MOB, TIGERTAILZ, and alot more, but I still can say NOBODY ROCKS ASS LIKE SKIN & BONES DO!! “Resurrection Love” is a great party metal hit, “Out With The Boys” take us back to the Sunset Strip 80s summertime…….

New York Glam metal band that started out in Baltimore, MD as “The Vamps ” AKA ” Vamp City ” in 1982. Later they relocated to New York and became Skin and Bones. Hitting the New York rock scene hard they played the Cat Club , Limelight , the Ritz etc. The band signed to Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylors “Equinox” label in London.

Skin and Bones recorded “Not A Pretty Sight ” with Mike Fraiser ( Aerosmith , AC/DC ) engineering and co-producing along with Taylor ( Duran Duran , Power Station). The album was released in 1990.

(turn it up!!! Turn the volume up)

Johnny Vamp – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Jimi K. Bones – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Mach – Bass
Pete Pagan – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Gregg Gerson – Drums, Vocals

Skin & Bones – Not A Pretty Sight
Label: Equinox Recordings EQN LP 2
Format: LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1990
Style: Hard Rock, Glam
1 Nail It Down 3:55
2 Resurrection Love 5:17
3 Cover Me With Roses 4:39
4 Hey Stupid 4:04
5 Nymphomania 3:59
6 Kiss This 3:55
7 All The Girls In The World 3:43
8 Let Her Go 4:35
9 Out With The Boys 4:54
10 My World 4:24

Producer Andy Taylor
Recorded At: Metropolis Studio (London), Trident II Studio (London)
Marketed and distributed by Total Record Company via BMG Records (UK) Ltd.
Barcode: 5 018524 011414

Skin N’ Bones – Out With The Boys
(turn it up!!! Turn the volume up)

Here is one of the best sleaze rocks albums, this piece of glam kick your ass so simple like that¬°, I’ve it since 1990 and these non sleaze days I’ve been enjoying it exactly like the first day, in fact now seems much better, Johnny is incredible with his voice specially in tracks which are the best like My World ,You drive me crazy, All the girls in the world, Kiss this, Stupid,…the LP really rocks try to put it this new year eve like i will do and drink

(turn it up!!! Turn the volume up)

Great riffs, excellent! Just a Killer LP!!! Simple as that. Every song is very good quality hard rock… Can hang with any glam rockers of the era. Recommended. 10, easy.

pretty kick ass.. like ‘resurrection love’ and “my world”..

One of the best sleaze/glam LPs ever….10/10

“All The Girls In The World” and “Hey Stupid” shows the power glam side of this band, “Let Her Go” is the heartbreak ballad and the other tracks really rocks! 10 in 10. Great party ROCK *** YOU CAN’T SAY GLAM or SLEAZE without have THAT!! SKIN & BONES RULEZ DUDE!!

This band sure had quality, songs like ‘love Resurrection’ and ‘ my world’ are pretty gooooooood… Cool release, nothing less , nothing more

one word buy it it’ll be happy. I really, really like it!! The acoustics are great! The vocals are not really my usual taste…but I still like it! Love “Nymphomania” and “Nail It Down” top my list so far… This is definitely a keeper!!

What a delicious LP! Perfectly executed commercial hard rock, with a glam edge. ‘Cover me with roses’ and ‘Let her go’ are both magnificent ballads, ‘All the girls in the world’ is what made me hunt this LP down like a savage and a KILLER song, ‘Out with the boys’ has a killer pre-chorus and basically, this is just an awesome collection of commercial hard rock with cool riffs, a great vibe and great songs! I’d highly recommend it!.

One of the best Sleazerock moments of all time. This LP rocks.

Great example of commercial sleazy/glam, a perfect mix of Poison, Guns N’ Roses and Crashdiet. Fantastic the production of this release,a piece of history indeed in the genre.9.5/10


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