SKID ROW: Youth Gone Wild 12″ PROMO Signed Autographed. 1992 Uk Limited Promo 4-track. Check videos


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SKID ROW: Youth Gone Wild 12″ PROMO Signed Autographed. 1992 Uk Limited Promo 4-track. Check videos


SKID ROW: 18 and life 12″ Signed, autographed PROMO promotional 12″. Check videos


SKID ROW: 18 and life. Rare UK 3-track Signed, autographed PROMO promotional 12″ incl. Youth gone wild. Check videos


SKID ROW: Youth Gone Wild 12″ PROMO.
+ Big Guns/Midnight Tornado/I Remember You
12″ Sam 519 EX 1989 12 inch, promo

Skid Row   Youth Gone Wild
Label: Atlantic   SAM 519
Format: Vinyl, 12″, Promo
Country: UK
Released: 1992
Genre: Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Heavy Metal
A1 Youth Gone Wild 3:19         Written-By Snake, Bolan
A2 Big Guns

B1 Midnight Tornado
B2 I Remember You

“Youth Gone Wild” is the debut single by Skid Row and the lead single from their 1989 eponymous debut album.
Its music video received heavy airplay on MTV; however, while the album itself was a major hit and went multi-platinum in the U.S. and other countries, “Youth Gone Wild” as a single only reached #99 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached #20 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song was paid obvious homage to by Finger Elevens Paralyzer, released in 2007. The song is played at many sports arenas including at the United Center when the Chicago Blackhawks hit the ice. The State College Moose of the Nittany Hockey League also use it as their theme song during warm-ups. “Youth Gone Wild” is also featured as a playable song on the Guitar Hero: On Tour game for the Nintendo DS, the drum simulation game Rock Revolution, and as downloadable content for Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 for the PlayStation 3. It is also part of the soundtrack for Brütal Legend.
This song was also featured in WWJ as the theme for the returning Isaac O’Neill and has been covered by several bands including HammerFall, Sign and Norther.

I REMEMBER YOU (Skid Row, 1989)
“I have to admit this was a song neither Rachel nor I (Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo) wanted to include on the album. We wrote a lot of stuff that didn’t make it, and at first this was in the pile to be overlooked. But here I have to give credit to Bas (vocalist Sebastian Bach), Scott McGhee who was co-managing us at the time with Doc McGhee and our producer Michael Wagener. Because they all insisted it had to go on the record. It was humbling to understand that you’re not right all the time, so when this became so popular, it taught be humility. I had been wrong”.

Skid Row held on to their success a little longer than most hair bands. Sebastian Bach and company had several radio hits, the biggest being “18 And Life.” Their ballad “Wasted Time” is a great song, but “I Remember You” was more popular, and has really held up well. It starts out mellow and acoustic, then really kicks in with Bach hitting some high notes.

YOUTH GONE WILD (Skid Row, 1989)
It originally had a different set of lyrics. But Rachel then went away and rewrote them. It was then that I understood he was a lot better as a lyricist than I was. He sees things from an interesting and obscure perspective. Rachel can take an idea we’ve come up with, lock himself away in a room and come back with 17 pages full of great lyrics! At the time we did Youth Gone Wild, we were in in our early 20s and wanted a song that would be representative of us. This was it. (said Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo)

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