SIX MAGICS: The Secrets of an Island CD. Ultra RARE, Chilean self released, imported masterpiece. 500 copies pressed. Female singer w. HUGE BOOBS


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Studio Album, released in 2003 in Chile, in 500 copies.
11978 L.D.CHILE

Songs / Tracks Listing:
1. The Secrets (1:22)
2. Chaos And Fury (3:57)
3. Rising Of The Island (1:04)
4. Chiloé, The Creation (5:22)
5. Endless Waiting (1:43)
6. Caleuche (The Flying Dutchman) (4:29)
7. Goddess Of The Seas (4:58)
8. Cradle Of Sorrow (5:40)
9. Brutal Sacrilege (4:55)
10. Trusted Steps In The Forest (:54)
11. Trauco (Speed Of Pain) (4:25)
12. Slave Of The Sky (4:33)
13. Hopeless Return (1:11)
14. Frozen Lips In The Night (5:32)
15. The Basilisk (5:02)
16. …Another Night (:44)
17. The Secrets Of An Island (11:15)

Total Time 63:46

Something totally interesting
Six Magics. This band has taken their music in a new direction with this release. Boasting 17 tracks (Although only 11 of them are full-length songs) that depict a story about the Chilote Island that the band hails from; “The Secrets of an Island” is an epic album with some very intriguing music.

Secrets of and Island seems to be a fairly odd album at a first listen. After the short introduction track, the album just rips into the opener, “Chaos and Fury”. The first 10 seconds of this song tells you a very large amount about Six Magics. The first vocals you hear are booming choirs that would make the members of Rhapsody squeal in delight, and almost every instrument is being played right off the bat. The guitar work is pure riffage, reminding me of Iced Earth and Manticora. The solos are pleasing to listen to, and have lots of variety. The rhythms are strong and always pushing forward. The music is laden with keyboarding, but almost all of it is an upright piano sound that gives the music a unique flavour. Very good piano/keyboarding.

The drumming is well executed. Theres some double bass, but it placed fairly strategically, so the listener is never pummeled with huge amounts of it. The drumming is very intricate consistently throughout the CD. On a first listen, you may have to concentrate to find out just where the beat is. Its almost jazzy to a point, huge amounts of cymbal bells, and other things that go ‘ring-ding’ are used in the drumming, and it sounds great. Like the use of the piano sound, this style of drumming helps to keep Six Magics from becoming nothing more than a slight spin-off of Rhapsody.

The songs on this album are epic. Like, super epic. It competes with Rhapsody and Thy Majestie Real easily. The huge, spectacular choirs, the different voices add lots to the music, and create something interesting. Aside from the Choirs, we have the voice of Sergio Domínguez, who is the lead vocalist. His voice is good, it works, and its epic. Thats what counts. Also, there are some female vocals in certain songs, such as “Brutal Sacrilege”, and they take the role of a mother in most cases. And of course, this album ends with an epic album-titled song that lasts over 10 minutes. Good stuff, I love long power metal songs.

Overall, this is a good example of an excellent release.

Killer Tracks: “Chaos and Fury, “Caleuche (The Flying Dutchman)”, “Goddess of the Seas”, “Brutal Sacrilege”, “The Basilisk”, and “The Secrets of an Island”.


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