SISKO: 3 CD Goth Metal Rock. For fans of Tiamat, Paradise Lost. CHECK videos


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Great Goth-y Hard Rock. Great melodies, catchy songs!

Gothic Rock/Metal style that seems quite fashionable with our Teutonic friends. We are dealing with coherent songs through; you can experience great homogeneity on the level of ideas. The sound is definitely pro and that allows us to get a clear picture of how both guys sing and make their hands move on their fret boards. Generally, we are mostly in for fat full chords, marked by a rather cut-edge rhythmic arrangements. The melodies are very good, the singing is soft (but not soporific), the tempos are mid-paced and the synths rather discrete. For fans of Tiamat and the likes…

dark Gothic metal. The first song, Whatever,

is the most rocking one, and reminds a bit of latter day Metallica and Paradise Lost, the other pieces, Tell Me and Thinking Of You, are digging deeper into bestselling metal trends of the new millennium (Staind, Nickelback). This should already show why they won the contest.
Sisko are playing already at a professional level, the drums are programmed in an organically sounding way, the synths are also above level.

Sisko brothers are truly original and here they have achieved a recording of intense songs with amazing riffs and arrangements. The first thing that surprises when listening to this album is the excellent quality of the sound, really crystal clear, specially the guitars and the drums. Lots of powerful melodies, mostly done by Bruno Sisko who is the singer here. There are many elements from different styles here but it seems to me that this guys have taken the power of metal music and mixed it with melodies closer to Gothic or to alternative music creating their own style. The hooks that leave the songs (specially the choruses) in your ears long after the album has finished.

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