SINNER: There Will Be Execution (Limited Edition PROMO CD) 2003 Melodic Metal a la Accept, Dio. Check audio


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Artist: Sinner
Format: CD
Release Year: 2003
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal
Track Listing:
1. Higher Level of Violence
2. There Will Be Execution
3. Requiem For a Sinner
4. Die on Command
5. Finalizer
6. Locked & Loaded
7. God Raises the Dead
8. River, The
9. Liberty of Death
10. Black Monday
11. Crown of Thorns


Sinners Teutonic power metal combines crunch and melody, occasionally grafting hyper-speed thrash metal chops over relatively conventional chord progressions and song arrangements. Most of the tunes are anchored by great riffs and huge, foursquare rock grooves, rather than wholesale brutality or extremism, and there are even some flat-out commercial moments. Fans of melodic-yet-muscular metal bands like Accept or Dio will probably find much to enjoy here, and the hair-raising guitar solos will likely have progressive metal fans on the edge of their seats. Sinner clearly knows how to play inside the box and remain interesting at the same time (the vocoder tag in “The River” is a particularly surprising touch!). All in all, There Will Be Execution has plenty of highlights and is a satisfying listen from front to back.
This album is heavy as fuck and will rock the hell out of anyone even if you’re in a coma.
Right from the get go, “Higher Level Of Violence” lets it rip with the duelling guitar work of Henny Wolter and Tom Naumann. Matts vocals are gritty yet melodious and true to the SINNER sound. The true meaning of Power Metal is exercised on this disc. The title track shows just how much balls this band still has after all these years. This would have to be the bands most proficient and technical disc to date. The guitar frenzy solos of the title track prove it.

The SINNER/German sound is still there and hasn’t lost any of its flavor. If you hear hints of ACCEPT’s sound, its not intentional. The CD comes to a harmonious and melodic end with the acoustic ballad “Crown Of Thorns” which rounds out the disc nicely and shows that can be more than just Power Metal thrashers.

There is little filler here. Its all action from top to bottom so you don’t get weary of it fast.


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