SINNER: Bottom Line CD 1995. original RARE 1st PRESS. Melodic Traditional Heavy Metal. Check audio


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SINNER – Bottom Line [’95]RARE 1st PRESS (No Bull – KOCH Records)

Bottom Line in 1995, stayed in the Japanese national charts for five weeks!!

01. The Biggest Lie 3:52
02. Roses Of Yesterday 4:41
03. When Silence Falls 3:45
04. All Men Are Heroes 4:15
05. I Can Stop The Fire 3:39
06. We’ll Make It Alright 4:08
07. Rage Of A Hurricane 3:19
08. Mercy Killer 4:36
09. Dead End Street 3:27
10. In The Heart Of The Young 5:19
11. Hearts Of Steel 4:36
12. Say Goodbye 6:14

Mat Sinner Vocals, Bass
Tom Naumann Guitar
Alex Beyrodt Guitar
Fritz Randow Drums
Frank Rossler Keyboards

Heavy metal legends Judas Priest may have taken a reluctant break during the 1990s, but their many disciples across the globe were hard at work, keeping the flame of melodic, high-energy, traditional heavy metal burning brightly in their stead. And if one were to draw up a list of the chief purveyors of post-Priest metal, few bands would rate as highly as German veterans Sinner. Active since the early ’80s, the band excels at their craft in terms of honesty and authenticity to the cause — if not outright commercial success. Anyway, due to its relative unavailability outside of Germany and Japan, 1995s Bottom Line is often overlooked when Sinners ’90s releases are discussed.
Standouts are “The Biggest Lie,” “Mercy Killer” and “Hearts of Steel” and truly top-notch results are reserved for a pair of excellent metallic rockers, namely “When Silence Falls” and “Rage of a Hurricane.”
Definitely heavier than 80s Sinner, but not as heavy as recent Sinner. Just good, heavy melodic hard rock a little like Victory. To be honest, I love Mats voice and killer tracks like ‘Roses of yesterday’ make this well worth while. The last track, ‘All men are heroes’ and a few others stand out. I’d recommend this to fans of good solid melodic hard rock. Worth checking out. 9,5/10
Good piece of German hard rock. Solid heavy riffs on this one. Not original, but well performed. 9,5/10.
First SINNER album with a dark sound. This is one of my favorite 90s SINNER albums. A real must have for any German metal fan.

A solid slab of German metal, heavily influence by the likes of Judas Priest and even fellow German metalheads Accept. As with most classic metal albums, there are a few ballads present here, none of which are sappy radio ballads. However, the best songs are the heavier tracks such as “Rage of a Hurricane” and album opener “The Bottom Line”. Also, “Mercy Killer” is a standout cut with a heavy, mid-paced metal track that has a definite similarity musically to Accept. Nice! I think that Matt Sinner sounds better as a vocalist on these heavier tracks. Album closer “Say Goodbye” is a melodic, yet heavy number as well. It is an excellent closing song. Overall, the songs are packed full of nice riffs and fast chops. “The Bottom Line” is simple, straight-forward, catchy, heavy metal, with an in-your-face, headbanging groove.

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