SILENCER: Structures CD Power / thrash metal. Judas Priest, Crimson Glory, Iced Earth. Check samples


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Silencer display a great power / thrash metal hybrid, delivered with force and conviction a combination of Judas Priest, Forte, Crimson Glory and Iced Earth. Silencer isn’t a shabby independent act. The CD starts in a brilliant way with the instrumental opener “”Black Hole Engine [Markarian 573]””. Heavy guitars and drums immediately bring your neck-muscles to temperature. Following tracks sure do not loose any intensity, exquisite elaborated guitar riffs happen in quick succession. Vocals can be compared to those of Anthrax, Judas Priest, Forte, Crimson Glory and Iced Earth in the glorious days.’Structures’, the title-track, is the best example of aggression while ‘Mythic Image’ showcases Silencer’s ability to evolve a song in the sonic realm with numerous interesting musical ideals and variations.The fourth track, “”This Mythic Image””, is more a mid-tempo song, but then again, when the last track “”Megalith”” starts, all hell brakes loose: psychedelic intermezzo and the acoustic end of this track, reminiscent n some Death albums. The artwork of this CD is magnificent.

Released: October 29, 2002 Silencer

Keith Spargo: Guitars/Vocals
Jeff Alexis: Bass
Nick Seelinger: Drums
Ritchie Wilkison: Guitars
Recorded at Surf Studios, Indianapolis IN

1 Black Hole Engine [Markarian 573] (1:32)

2 The Bruising Feast (2:92) 3 Structures (4:27) 4 This Mythic Image (3:87) 5 Megalith (5:97)  

silencer not very silent – 95%
This band from Colorado are definitely a great example of some of the fantastic metal that has emerged from the US in recent years. This CD is a good mix of classic power metal and modern thrash. the songs are fast, heavy, and crisp. The guitar is fast, heavy, and there are some decent solos on the album. Especially on the song The Bruising Feast the guitar is heavy, melodic, and powerful. the drums are great, although not anything special. vocals are very good, especially when both of the vocalists are singing together.

This CD is definitely and improvement on their older material. It is better produced, a lot cleaner and sharper. Silencer have really defined themselves with this cd. Overall a very solid, hard-hitting and well-produced album.


Who said there´s no good Metal in the US? – 94%
The US has been belching out some fantastic bands in recent years like CATCH 22 or ORDER OF NINE and of course this fantastic band from Colorado. Here they present their newest recording containing four tracks of BRILLIANT and powerful Traditional, full of crunch Thrashy Heavy Metal. This material shows an even tighter band than displayed on their previous effort with strength in every riff, bass line, drumbeat and vocal line. I would have liked to see the vocals turned up a bit more in the mix but other than that it´s got decent production. This is driving, catchy and well worth checking out. Vocals remind me of Harry The Tyrant from JAG PANZER at times. Fans of the bands I mentioned already or any bands that play at Classic Metalfest will want to add this album to their collection.

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