SICK OF IT ALL: Live in a Dive CD + 20 minute killer video!! Real NY hardcore. Check audio (whole album)


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Sick of it All might never have reached the heights they were destined for, but to this day, this CD stands out on the punkrock road map: a landmark of where punk has been and where it can still go.

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Live in a Dive = Live album by Sick of It All
Released: August 13, 2002
Recorded: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, California, US
Genre: Hardcore punk
Length: 48:52
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Producer: Sick of It All

Live in a Dive is a recording of live material from the New York hardcore punk band, Sick of It All. It is part of a Fat Wreck Chords series of Live in a Dive albums, this one being released in August, 2002.

All tracks written by Sick of It All, unless stated otherwise
“Good Lookin’ Out” 2:14
“Call to Arms” 1:45
“Blown Away” 2:37
“Built to Last” 1:53
“Just Look Around” 2:43 (Mel Tormé)
“Let Go” 1:09
“Us Vs. Them” 3:07
“The Bland Within” 2:39
“Disco Sucks Fuck Everything” 2:11
“Injustice System!” 1:46
“Potential for a Fall” 2:45
“Scratch the Surface” 2:39
“America” 2:22
“Straight Ahead” 2:19 (Carroll, Setari)
“Rat Pack” 2:01
“Sanctuary” 1:49
“My Life” 0:55
“Busted” 1:30
“Maladjusted” 2:56
“Goatless” 1:29
“Friends Like You” 1:41
“Clobberin’ Time” 0:53
“Step Down” 3:29
Running time 46:41

+   Video SOIA 20:28

Lou Koller vocals
Pete Koller guitar
Craig Setari bass guitar
Armand Majidi drums
Recorded at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, California, US

5.0 out of 5 stars All SOIAs hits on this one record!,
This live record has all the best SOIA songs from all their records on one CD. I mean we all know that SOIA is best experienced live (the best live band from the underground scene?), so imagine all their best songs recorded with all the energy of their live show. They do a great job capturing their explosiveness and crowd interaction on Live In A Dive, and it comes with cool artwork. On the enhanced disc you can see live footage and Fat Wreck honcho Fat Mike interview the band. This is an essential release for HC lovers.

5.0 out of 5 stars Dont play in the car,
This album is guaranteed to get you into an accident, keep it out of the car at all times! Great set list, great sound, great band.

5.0 out of 5 stars all their best songs on one cd!,
This is an awesome SOIA album. It really shows off their energy, and the songs sound almost exactly like they do on their studio albums. Normally, I avoid live albums because they sound like crap, but the sound quality was excellent, and they play their best songs with Lou’s comments to the crowd (“punk wasn’t available at the mall, it wasn’t cute, it wasn’t about fashion, it was an attitude, a way you lived”).
I hope these guys come to Tucson, cause I’ll be first in line to get my tickets.

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