SHOOTING STAR: It’s Not Over CD 1991 original 1st press. Great Lou Gramm / Foreigner vibe. Check videos


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The musicianship and songs are very good throughout this album of well crafted AOR. Shooting Star continued to toil in obscurity for years, never receiving the recognition they deserved, but Its Over Now remains a great album and gets two thumbs up!
The sound on Its Not Over is very similar to Foreigner, as new vocalist Keith Mitchell is reminiscent of Lou Gramm.
Of course the obligatory ballads like “We Can’t Wait Forever” and “Blame It On The Night” were also included.




Its Not Over = Studio album by Shooting Star
Released: 1991
Recorded: V&R Studios
Genre: Rock, Hard rock, AOR
Label: v&r
Producer: Van McLain

Its Not Over is a 1991 album by the group Shooting Star.

Track listing:
Its Not Over (McLain)
Believe in Me (McLain)
We Can’t Wait Forever (Laffoon, McLain)
Rebel with a Cause (McLain)
Dancing on the Edge (McLain, West)
If You’ve Got Love (McLain)
Blame It on the Night (McLain, West)
Get Excited (McLain)
Cold Blooded (McLain, West)
Compassion (McLain)

Keith Mitchell – vocals
Van McLain – guitars, background vocals
Dennis Laffoon – keyboards, background vocals
Ron Verlin – bass
Rod Lincoln – drums

In 1991 the band released their sixth effort, Its Not Over. During the recording of this project, Enigma Records went bankrupt and the group decided to finish it on their own. Released on their own V & R label, the album received critical acclaim throughout Europe and helped broaden the Shooting Star audience. After the albums release, Ron Verlin was replaced on bass by Eric Johnson (not the famous guitarist) and the band toured with Bad English, Bryan Adams and 38 Special. After selling about 10,000 copies of Its Not Over, the group was contacted by JRS Records (whose parent company was SCS Music), which agreed to take over distribution of the album nationally. But the group became dissatisfied with JRS, claiming they did very little to promote the album, and filed a lawsuit against them on October 14, 1992 in Johnson County, Kansas District Court.


Muscular ’80s rockers Shooting Star formed in Kansas City late in the 1970s with vocalist/guitarist Van McLain, guitarist Gary West, violin player Charles Waltz, bassist Ron Verlin, and drummer Steve Thomas. The group signed to Virgin before the end of the decade and delivered their self-titled debut album late in 1979; the single “You’ve Got What I Need” was a modest hit, as was “Hollywood” from 1981s Hang on for Your Life, but Shooting Star disbanded by 1985. Four years later, McLain and Verlin were present at the formation of another edition of the band, with vocal duties being handled by newcomer Keith Mitchell.

The new Shooting Star debuted in 1989 with the single “Touch Me Tonight,” which became their biggest hit (a not-quite awe-inspiring number 76); the groups sixth album overall, Its Not Over, was released in 1991.

Songs include:
Its Not Over
Believe in Me
We Can’t Wait Forever
Rebel With a Cause
Dancing on the Edge
If You’ve Got Love
Blame It on the Night
Get Excited
Cold Blooded

This track has a great Lou Gramm/Foreigner vibe going. They just somehow missed the boat during? the ‘glory years’ of hard rock. 🙂

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