SHINING: III Angst CD Hellhammer from Mayhem on drums. Black Metal. CHECK SAMPLES.


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This is the third album of the band and this time they had Hellhammer from Mayhem on drums to help them. The music is extreme, brutal and chaotic, although some atmospheric passages are also there. But the atmospheric passages are not the usual conventional ones you’d expect. It rather hard to describe them since they can be extremely brutal. There an old school feeling to the music and enough intensity for two bands. It not your usual extreme black death metal. It has character and it has atmosphere. A rather depressive atmosphere that fits perfectly with the music and the attitude of the band. If you are into extreme music then give the guys a chance and check them out. You’ll be surprised.

Label: Avantgarde Music PROMO CD

Track listing:
1. Mörda Dig Själv… 09:08
2. Svart Industriell Olycka 08:06
3. Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie 08:30
4. Submit to Self-Destruction 07:13
5. Till Minne Av Daghen 04:23
6. Fields of Faceless 10:21

Total playing time 47:41

5.0 out of 5 stars sigh…
I picked up this little collection of northern misery on a rainy dark day, when it was cold out, and dogs were chasing me… friendly dogs who wanted to play, but the point is the atmosphere of that day was pretty much what this album puts to music. I felt a little guilty buying this, what with being in my late twenties, and so mature and cultured- ‘over’ morbid extreme music like this… but one look at the packaging, Kvarforth all sliced up in the tub(he just a walking party aint he?) and Hellhammer, who used to be in Mayhem, who I used to like back in the day- and I shelled out the cash.
Well, I got the most morbid and depressing cd I’d ever heard, kind of a mix between Burzum, Thorns and Bethlehem. It actually really well written and thought out music you get here- in fact this is sort of a masterpiece, if you like very very dark extreme, cold, cruel dark black music. If you don’t already know who those bands are, you’ll probably hate this. Ever lost a lot of blood? Well if you have you know that the weird rhythms of the body become audible. That what the percussion sounds like. The vocals are like a cancer victim in a 19th century insane asylum, in winter, gargling the blood of his mom, who just stopped by to drop off some scones… yes, it that dark. Very good production here as well. The writing is controlled, understated and the musicianship masterful, for this kind of music. I think I ended up listening to this too much- is it healthy to LIKE this? Yeah, it is. Like how a walk in the snow at night lets you know what you are… utterly alone in the universe, the stars and galaxies gradually moving away from each other, so that by the time man is able to travel space, we will be too far away… earth, in its ruined state… No tigers, no pandas, no sturgeon…

5.0 out of 5 stars Pure brilliance…
This is one of the best Black Metal albums I’ve heard in a long time. Depressive and suicidal dark music in its purest form!!
Highly recommended, but not for everyone.”

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