SHERIFF: When I’m with you 12″ [No. 1 hit in the U.S.A. Perfect A.O.R] Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale!  Check audio


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Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale! 

Check the exclusive video, showing the vinyl for sale! 





Check this video out. Lead Vocalist Freddy Curci and Co-Founder/Guitartist Steve DeMarchi from Sheriff share their “When I’m With You” story.

“”When I’m with You”” is a power ballad by Canadian arena rock band Sheriff. It hit number one in the United States in 1989, four years after the band separated.
After the success of When I’m With You, Freddy Curci (Lead Vocalist) and Steve DeMarchi (Lead Guitarist) tried to put Sheriff back together, but the other band members would not cooperate and would not release permission for the use of the band name. This caused Curci and DeMarchi to form the band ALIAS.
The following year, in 1990, ALIAS released a self-titled debut album. It contained the very successful power ballad “”More Than Words Can Say””, “”Haunted Heart””, “”Waiting for Love”” and “”Perfect World””.
Freddy Curci is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for holding the longest note in a pop song, timed and submitted by a Houston university, at the ending line of “”When I’m with You.””

Composition and inspiration:
Sheriff keyboardist Arnold Lanni wrote the song after meeting Valeri Brown and falling in love with her. ‘I sat down, put my coffee on the piano, tinkled some ivories, and four minutes later 80 percent of the song was written. On Valentine Day I played the song for Valerie and said, “”I don’t have anything, this is all I can give you right now. It yours.”” Valeri loved the song; two years later she married me.’
Lanni also played the song to his bandmembers in Sheriff. “”The band really liked it, so we started playing it live. That was one of the last songs we recorded when we did the record. The producer said, ‘Is there anything else?’ I said, ‘There this song we play, it kind of a wimpy song.’ So we played it for him and he said ‘Yeah, that kind of nice.'””

Chart performance:
“”When I’m with You”” was originally released as the third single off Sheriff debut album. It entered the Hot 100 on May 14, 1983, and peaked at number sixty-one four weeks later. Disappointed by the lack of success, the band broke up.
In 1988, a disc jockey in Las Vegas began playing the song, and other stations followed. This encouraged Capitol Records to re-release the song as a single. On February 4, 1989, “”When I’m with You”” hit number one in the United States.
By that time Lanni and bassist Wolf Hassell had formed a duo named Frozen Ghost, and declined to re-form the group. Sheriff lead vocalist Freddy Curci and guitarist Steve DeMarchi subsequently formed the band Alias and reached the top of the charts again the following year with the similar number-two hit “”More Than Words Can Say””.


  • “When I’m With You” is certainly the most unlikely US #1 hit of the ’80s. The song was seven years old, the band had long since broken up, it had no music video, and the album was long out of print and not available on CD. Still, for one magical week in 1989 (February 4), the song reached the top spot.

    Sheriff, a five-member Canadian band, formed in 1979 and released their only album, Sheriff, in 1982. Their first two singles were rockers that went nowhere; the third single was the ballad “When I’m With You,” which went all the way to #61 in America in the summer of 1983. It wasn’t enough to move the needle, and in 1985 band split up amid some degree of acrimony.

    In the ’80s, radio stations would sometimes re-introduce a long-forgotten song in the hopes that it would connect with listeners if given a second chance; it happened with “Into The Night” by Benny Mardones and with “Red Red Wine” by UB40. And it happened again with “When I’m With You.”

    According to the Billboard Book Of One-Hit Wonders, it was Jay Taylor, music director at KLUC in Phoenix, that put the song back on the air in 1988. As he hoped, it got a great response from listeners, so they kept it in rotation as if it were a new song. Other stations around the country got wind of it and added it to their playlists, leading Sheriff’s old record company, Capitol, to re-release the single.

    This would have been a great time for the band to re-form, but two of the five members wanted nothing to do with it, and that was enough to quash the reunion. Sheriff never got back together, but those two holdouts – lead singer Freddy Curci and guitarist Steve DeMarchi – formed Alias and had a hit in 1990 with “(I Need You Now) More Than Words Can Say.”

  • Sheriff’s guitarist, Arnold Lanni, wrote this heartfelt ballad as a Valentine’s Day gift for a girl he was dating. It worked: She loved the song and they got married two years later. He worked up the song with the band, but they didn’t think it would end up on the album. When their producer, Stacy Haydon, asked near the end of the sessions if they had anything else, they played him the song and he decided it should go on the track list.
  • When the song went to #1, two members of the group, Arnold Lanni and Wolf Hassel, were in a new band called Frozen Ghost, which had a minor hit in 1987 with “Should I See.” Lead singer Freddy Curci was working as a courier, he recalled delivering packages to an office when the song came on. He told the receptionist it was him singing the song, but she didn’t believe him.
  • When this hit #1 in America, Sheriff became the first Canadian band since Bachman-Turner Overdrive with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” in 1974 to reach the top spot.

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