SHATTERPOINT: Consequences CD Top Thrash metal a la Annihilator, Metallica, Slayer. Check all samples


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Awesome thrash.
Very technical old school thrash, very powerful with good riffs, excellent riffs and emotive vocals.
Pure thrash and speed metal with a frenzy of riffs, anger and aggression, forged with strong techniques and progressions. Catch the attack.
Genre: Thrash/Speed Metal

01. Pleasure The Pain
02. Crashing Down
03. Ended By Silence
04. Consequences
05. When I Die
06. No Man’s Land

Shane Drake – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Greg Wright – Lead Guitar
Chris Zeeman – Bass

A la Annihilator, Metallica, Slayer


kick ass metal!!!!!!

this is one of those Cd’s that make me want to beat the shit out of something, it so aggressive and angry. definitely something to pick up for fans of lamb of god/the haunted

This CD absolutely rips!!! nothing but in your face, fist pounding metal!!! definitely a good buy and I can’t wait to see more albums in the future

Do you like powerful Thrash metal ? Do you like great Metal that will you make a ton of head-bangs in your bedroom before your stereo? Well in that case my friends, believe me that you must, and I repeat it again, you must have a look on that excellent album by an enraged combo from Toronto, Canada, Shatterpoint. “”Consequences”” is the new album of the excellent band and through this album, this young combo will certainly have a ton of great returns. It’s time for them now to get the success that they really deserve!!

Amazing powerful riffs. That’s the first thing that I could say when I think about the music of Shatterpoint. In one word all the songs on this album are more than catchy due to the great talent of the musicians who know how to catch our ears through their compositions. This is powerful, and even if we are more near of Thrash metal than anything else, sometime we can also touch Death metal. All that come from the voice of the very good singer of the band which can be really Thrashy but also very brutal in a pure Death Metal mode. And that’s good, the mix is perfectly done and really the music of Shatterpoint is equal to head-banging and fury. Excellent guitars riffs, but also excellent solo and double pedal drums with fast tempo, which can bring to mind some old Metallica’s songs but of course, it’s a lot more modern and the voice is really better.
The sound and the work for the production on this album are very good too, and well it’s great because at the end all that give a lot of credibility to Shatterpoint.
In this album you could find the classic powerful Thrash songs with aggressive lyrics but also a very good ballad “”When I die”” in the pure tradition of this musical style.
The album has 30 mins of music. It’s a shame because really we want more.Buy it or dieeee !!!!”

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