SEND NO FLOWERS: 5 Track Sampler CD Promo. “Dirt” Alice in Chains, “Ten” Pearl Jam . Check audio


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Alterna-Metal on Warner Bros!
Original 1996 copy of this collectable Sampler for Promotional Use Only CD released on Warner Music (catalogue number: SAM1767) VERY RARE CLASSIC CD!
This is probably the most criminally underrated BAND of all time; to my mind it should be put on a par with “”Dirt”” by Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam “”Ten””. The songs combine strong melodies with some of the dirtiest riffs you’ll ever hear. Standout tracks include “”effervescent smile””, which reverses the standard light verse/heavy chorus formula to great effect and “”porcelain””, which has an indecently good melodic hook.
The musicianship is outstanding, and the vocals are awesome. I keep asking myself why these guys never made it big, and I still can’t figure it out. This is a hidden treasure and would be a great addition to any rock-lover music collection. A Must for any serious Collector/fan!

Label: EastWest ‎– SAM1767
Format: CD, EP, Promo, Sampler
Country: UK
Released: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: grunge, Alternative Rock, Great musically, charismatic frontman with a great voice..


1 Effervescent Smile 3:55
2 Bitter Taste 5:23
3 Cold 5:09
4 Porcelain 5:25
5 Downfall 4:33


bought this when it was first released. It’s still one of my favourites of all time, and I wish like hell SNF had been really successful and released more stuff.

Still looooove this and I gotta say it is a joke SNF were never huge cause as far as i’m concerned they are and were one of the best alt rock bands England ever had…

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