SEMPER FI: Strong Weakness CD. RARE in 666 copies. Metal with harsh vocals. Check audio. RECOMMENDED


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Semper Fi take the standard issue broken-bottled roar and use it to go through an industrialized take on the sort of old school Metallica and Iron Maiden riffs. Ultra melodic and a tad epic, with a social conscience to boot, Semper Fi deserve to make a mark. The overall song tempo is mid-paced but some songs are faster. One of the things I like best about this band is the guitar rhythms and the guitar sound. It has that buzz saw, yet chunky, quality. Semper Fi is definitely on the right path with their debut CD. Very cohesive, well-produced, with a cool and original layout, and positively not following any trend and with strong sense of melody. Norwegian band Semper Fi was originally formed in 1994 in Kristiansund with a sound that covers the best influences from hardcore, thrash metal and melodic death metal. The band actually sounds closest to the new wave of Swedish death / thrash metal bands in the late 90’s such as Soilwork, Darkane, Construcdead and others. Their music is generally slower and more epic with razor sharp riffs that take every melody to its limit. The vocals are a little bit hard to define. Sometimes they are dark growling while at other times more of hardcore screams just to turn into deep spoken words a second later. The growling ones are most common though. This is no doubt a band who takes themselves very seriously and they have even recorded a 30 minute long music video which has been shown on MTV’s Headbangers Ball on several occasions (those good old times are gone now…). “”Strong Weakness”” is a very professional and highly impressive release.

1. Sense Of Justice 04:09
2. Center Of Believes 07:13
3. Strike 03:25
4. Mouth To Man 04:45
5. No Fear 03:32
6. In My Head 04:29
7. Crush 04:38
8. Abused 04:41
9. Strong Weakness 08:48
Playing time: 49.01

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