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SCORPIONS Tokyo Tapes (1978 UK 18-track double live LP, recorded at the Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo on 24th and 27th April ’78, gatefold picture sleeve)



Record One:
1. All Night Long
2. Pictured Life
3. Backstage Queen
4. Polar Nights
5. In Trance
6. We’ll Burn The Sky
7. Suspender Love
8. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind
9. Fly To The Rainbow

Record Two:
1. Hes A Woman, Shes A Man
2. Speedys Coming
3. Top Of The Bill
4. Hound Dog
5. Long Tall Sally
6. Steamrock Fever
7. Dark Lady
8. Kojo No Tsuki
9. Robot Man

(2 of the best Scorpions songs, as chosen byMegadeth mainman Dave Mustaine)

Steamrock Fever

“That song came out in the late seventies. Although I was as metal I could possibly be at sixteen, I was still kinda discovering stuff. This song is just full-on plodding metal. And believe it or not, I had jumped on a drum set and learned how to play it on drums.”

He’s A Woman, She’s A Man

“It’s bizarre, when you think about it, how much sexuality there was in the Scorpions’ lyrics. There’s quite a few sexual songs that these guys have. Y’know, you have this, and Virgin Killers, where the glass is shattered, covering the nude parts that would be deemed inappropriate. And then you have the Lovedrive album cover. So the Scorpions were very provocative and ahead of their time. But I couldn’t care less about their artwork – I just loved the guitar playing on this. Y’know, these inexcusable outbursts of shredding guitar.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Final shows of Uli Jon Roth Era Scorions – Superb,
This album brought to a close the Uli Jon Roth (Ulrich Roth) era Scorpions after which they changed tack slightly and went on to greater commercial success.
The album is dominated by Ulis magnificent guitar work and contains tracks from all of the previous four studio albums including the recently released, at the time, “Taken by Force”.
Also thrown in for good measure are a couple of rock ‘n’ roll standards, a Japanese folk song (given the scorpions treatment) and an early scorpions number – In search of the peace of mind.

If you are a fan of electric guitars , including feedback, wha-wah and tremelo arms then you will love this album. For those expecting, Wind of Change type melodic material, look elsewhere. This is an out and out guitar album like they don’t make anymore and for devotees of the genre it is an essential purchase.
5.0 out of 5 stars one of the very best live albums ever produced in hard rock!,
I’m not to go on bubbling over this.I’ll be straight:if you want to hear what the Scorpions were playing in the 70s, meaning guitarist-oriented hard rock, with really heavy riffs, astounding solos, melodies and songs bound to be considered classics for centuries and solos to be lessons for new guitarists, robust rhythm section, vocals that make history, and all these delivered they way they do in Tokyo Tapes, amongst a warm audience, without studio processing, then buy this album.You will treasure it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Germans play Heavy Metal in English for Japanese.
Except for UFOs Strangers In the Night this was one of the better Live discs in the 70s. Yes, everyone worships Kiss-Alive but not me. This set (in and out of print over the last 20+ years) is a pretty raw bit. Dark Lady is killer. Polar Nights is not to be missed. Funny bits…The English is mostly phonetic and I misunderstood Klaus for years when he said certain things.
Buy It.
5.0 out of 5 stars Uli Roth absolutely shines! A great album,
Matthias Jabs could never do these songs justice…. This album presents an authentic image of the sound of the 70s Scorpions. Songs of particular interest are: Speedys Coming, Polar Nights, and Pictured Life, as they demonstrate the absolute mastery of the guitar by Uli.
5.0 out of 5 stars Dazzling live showcase of the classic 1970s Scorpions lineup,
This is possibly the finest live album in existence, well before the fashion of overdubbing live albums with senseless audience noise over the tracks and touching up songs in post-production (World Wide Live 1985 pales into insignificance when compared to Tokyo Tapes). What you get here therefore is an authentic live experience of the Scorpions when they were at their best. Great songs, superb delivery and the astounding guitar work of Uli Jon Roth playing in front of a compact but warm and enthusiastic audience makes Tokyo Tapes a 70s hard rock masterpiece. This was Uli Jon Roths last album with the band and soon after the Scorpions changed their sound and went on to achieve global success. Decades on the album still sounds amazing and stands as a proud testament to a classic Scorpions line-up.
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing live album,
I first bought this on vinyl in 1982, and I loved it immediately. I already owned the Scorps studio albums from the 70s, so I was interested to hear them performed live. From start to finish, this album is a masterpiece. A fitting end to the Ulich (Uli Jon) Roth era. A shame that only a couple of these song are played in today’s live set. Highlights are “In Trance”, “Suspender Love”, “We’ll Burn The Sky”, “Pictured Life” and the epic “Fly to the Rainbow”, to name but a few.
5.0 out of 5 stars This record is a good collection of the bands best songs of the 70s)
Before eventually busting out in the states and garnering their share of commercial success, Germany’s Scorpions, like so many rock groups, were already BIG in Japan. The double LP set, “Tokyo Tapes”, documents the Uli Jon Roth era, as the fine-tuned Scorps kick out a hot set of live material during dates in the land of the rising sun. The concert recording captures the group delivering from the stage, behind the driving, dive-bombing guitar work of Roth and Rudy Schenker, and the vocals of wild front man Klaus Meine.

The strong seventeen song stage performance includes “All Night Long”, “Pictured Life”, “Backstage Queen”, “In Trance”, “We’ll Burn the Sky”, “Hes a Woman, Shes a Man”, “Speedys Coming”, and the jack hammering “Steamrock Fever”.

The “Tokyo Tapes” concert recording clearly marks the end of stage one in the long and successful career of the Scorps. Personal changes, including the departure of Uli Jon Roth, and a label change in the states, ushered in phase two of the Scorpions marathon run. Subsequent recordings, starting with “Lovedrive”, established a more refined and accessible sound, while retaining a hard edge, resulting in huge international popularity.
5.0 out of 5 stars Early Scorps Finest,
Ah, the first rock LP I ever bought and still one of my favourites. Its the last record with a brilliant guitarist Uli Jon Roth before he went solo and is a live Best Of recorded in front of an ecstatic Japanese audience. Side 1 is packed full of crowd rousing album classics. Side 2 progs out a bit with the folky In Serach of the Peace of Mind and the epic FLy to The Rainbow. Side 3 starts hard rock and ends up classic rock n roll. Side 4, my favourite, has Dark Lady and Robot Man (way better live than in the studio) and their cover of a beautiful Japanese Folk Song (in English it means Moon on the Ruin). the crowd and the band seem reluctant for the show to end, as indeed does the listener.
5.0 out of 5 stars tokyo delight,
Seminal live album from The Scorpions,was never particularly impressed by their studio output up to this point,however the live album changed everything, Uli Jon Roths Hendrix like guitar solos increasingly at odds with the more commercial avenue that the band wanted,this is a superb epitaph for the Roth era.
Classic metal moments abound with suspender Love,Hes A Woman,Shes A Man & Speedys Comin,although some of the crass lyrics fuelling Roths desire to quit were becoming obvious.Its not all heavy metal though you get a beautiful ballad from the début album’In Search Of The Peace Of Mind’ and a touching Japanese folk song ‘Kojo No Tsuki’ whilst ‘Dark Lady and Steam rock Fever return us to the metal world,am i the only person that thinks ‘Robot Man ‘ is a quo riff made in Germany?.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best live albums ever,
This is in my top 5 live albums of all time (along with Ramones “Its Alive”, Underworld “Everything, Everything”, Hawkwind “Space Ritual”, and AC/DC “If you want blood….”). Packed with atmosphere and featuring absolutely full-on versions of some of their best songs. A classic.

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