SAXON: Saxon LP (1st, s.t, debut studio LP 1979). Check audio samples AND videos


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Saxon is the debut studio album by heavy metal band Saxon released in 1979

Track listing:
All tracks by Byford/Quinn/Oliver/Dawson/Gill
“”Rainbow Theme”” – 3:07
“”Frozen Rainbow”” – 2:29
“”Big Teaser”” – 3:55
“”Judgement Day”” – 5:31
“”Stallions of the Highway”” – 2:52
“”Backs to the Wall”” – 3:09
“”Still Fit to Boogie”” – 2:53
“”Militia Guard”” – 4:50

Biff Byford – vocals
Graham Oliver – guitar
Paul Quinn – guitar
Steve Dawson – bass
Pete Gill – drums

Everything you need to know regarding this album:

Biff Byford picks the best songs from Saxons’s huge back catalogue.

This is what he selected…

“There were a couple of songs from our debut album that stick out. This is one of them. Stallions Of The Highway is really about the band finding our sound and style. It showed how things were beginning to work for us. We were getting our focus and direction sorted”.