Samantha Fox: Samantha Fox LP 1987 UK 1st Press LP & Book Offer. Check the exclusive video showing this 12″ for sale. The Rolling Stones cover version. “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”, “I Promise You (Get Ready)”, “True Devotion”, “I Surrender”


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Check the exclusive video showing this 12″ for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this 12″ for sale

Samantha Fox is the second full-length album from British model-turned-singer Samantha Fox. It was released by Jive in September 1987 and charted in the United Kingdom at number twenty-two, United States at fifty-one (gold), Canada at forty (platinum), Australia at eighty-six and Germany at sixteen.
After her first album went gold, Samantha returned to the studio to record her self-titled album. She enlisted help from producers and music group Full Force, who were helping Lisa Lisa at that time, to produce some of the songs on the album. This album combines rock with freestyle and pop. She had hits with “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”, a cover version of the Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “I Promise You (Get Ready)”, “True Devotion”, her first ballad song, and the rock song “I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night)”.

Samantha Fox – Samantha Fox
Her second album was a big success and did well on the charts, most notably in the European charts, and in particular the Finnish, Norwegian and Swiss charts. The songs were pure pop, well produced and even featured a cover or two, of which The Rolling Stones’ (I can’t get no) Satisfaction was the best. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Samantha’s pop career was helped by her looks and her page 3 tabloid appearances (but then again, multiple careers never hurt anybody?). Surprisingly this wasn’t just a case of style and fashion over substance. Still very enjoyable. Jive, 1987.

Samantha Fox – Samantha Fox
Label: Jive
Catalog#: HIP 48
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1987

A1 I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night) 3:56 Producer – Jon Astrop
A2 I Promise You 3:54 Producer – Steve Lovell , Steve Power
A3 Naughty Girls 5:10 Producer – Full Force
A4 True Devotion 4:37 Producer – Steve Lovell , Steve Power. Written By Lol Mason (Laurence Edward Mason) remember City Boy – The Day The Earth Caught Fire? See the LP for sale below!
A5 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 5:36  Producer – Timmy Allen
B1 Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now 3:43 Producer – Stock, Aitken & Waterman
B2 If Music Be The Food Of Love 4:49 Producer – Jon Astrop
B3 That Sensation 4:19 Producer – Steve Lovell , Steve Power
B4 Dream City 4:55 Producer – Steve Lovell , Steve Power
B5 The Best Is Yet To Come 4:50 Producer – Steve Lovell , Steve Power Written By Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks

5.0 out of 5 stars Pop goes the Fox! Sophomore effort is brill!,

The majority of the tracks was produced by Steve Lovell and Steve Power, and with the exception of two tracks, showed Foxy moving more towards a pure pop direction, ditching the rebellious slamming rock-keyboards from Touch Me in the dust bin.
Yet there’s a final bow at the latter style, from the second single, “I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)”, whose guitars and keyboards, thumping drums, and rhythm mimic “Touch Me”. I can imagine that this or the “Touch me” song were candidates for Foxy’s breakout single and “I Surrender” lost the coin toss. There’s still a lot of energy in this number though.

“I Promise You” demonstrates Foxy’s shift to really skippy bubble-gum pop. Lovell and Powers production is just as infectious and the chorus has a tempo and intensity to match.

Then comes “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”, her second big hit in the US–where she dips her toe in the 80s hip-hop of Full Force, who helped out Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. She would do some more of this in I Wanna Have Some Fun.

“True Devotion” sports the same synths and haunting atmospheric sounds as the Cars’ “Drive”, and I often compare the two. There’s a cogent comparison in this line: “Yesterdays dreams like old magazines/they lie beside the bed.” She can handle ballads well enough, with the limited depth of her voice.

Whether one will like her slowed down version of the Stones’ “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, with backing soulful vocals and some grinding guitars and funky synths will depend on if one is a Stones fan first. I like the original better, but I can handle Foxy’s one as well.

“Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now” has Foxy opening a pack of Stock-Aitken-Watermans bubblegum, and she blows Bananarama-sized bubbles with it, not as big as “Venus”, more like “I Heard A Rumour.”

Thanks to “If Music Be The Food Of Love”, I’ve referred to the Bard as Willie The Shake in this playful song that injects well-known quotes from Shakies plays. The Bard would probably be clawing at the inside of his coffin hearing “To be or not to be/it doesn’t matter much to me (thats right)/Wherefore art thou my Romeo/the only boy I want to know (hes mine).” Well, tear away, Willie.

“That Sensation” also produced by Lovell/Power, is another three figure BPM dance tune like its sister track “I Promise You.” Kylie would’ve done this as well, but sans the guitar.

The sobriety of broken dreams and hopes is portrayed in the dark gloomy “West End Girl”-style pop of “Dream City.” “Is it the world that wants an audition?/Is it the world that wants a job?/Lean on a corner called ambition/Wait for whatever comes along” I also sense the aura of the high unemployment of Thatcherite England. Yes, “One night in Dream City/its unkind, its unreal.”

Another haunting ballad, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, which aptly describes her next album…(but not the fourth one). Again, drinking ones worries and dancing to music from the stereo seems to reflect the hardships of Thatchers Britain. Its just funny how it pops up in songs like these. Even better than “True Devotion”, this one.

Giving Foxy coordinates to Galaxy Bubblegum was a choice move, although it probably alienated her early fans, who warped away from her. Yet the UK Top Five “Naughty Girls” and “Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now” shows that was far from the case, as she probably gained a new audience. This outdoes Touch Me as she easily acquits herself on the new material. The next album would be even better!

CITY BOY: The Day The Earth Caught Fire LP 1979 Classic. Vertigo Polygram. Critically acclaimed Symphonic Rock. Check audio.

Samantha Fox: Samantha Fox LP. Super Rare 3 part Special Edition Picture discs 3 rectangular picture discs.


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