Samantha FOX: I wanna have some fun CD 1988. Has12 great songs incl. “I Wanna Have Some Fun”, “Love House”+ great cover of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Wanna Be With You”. Check videos.


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Samantha FOX I wanna have some fun
Release Date : November 1988
Label: Jive
1) I Wanna Have Some Fun
2) Love House
3) Your House Or My House
4) Next To Me
5) Ready For This Love
6) Confession
7) I Only Wanna Be With You
8) You Started Something
9) One In A Million
10) Walking On Air
11) Hot For You
12) Out Of Your Hands

5.0 out of 5 stars More than just some fun,
The albums before this were slight flirtation of pop dance fun, but this album brings it all home. Samantha brings her talents to the table big time on this album which is just more than straightforward dance excess. Its full of new kinds of music that will move you in some way. Its a dance movement rather than just some record.
Sams biggest hits come Full Force and courtesy of the group as well with the femme fatales call to party in “I Wanna Have Some Fun”.
Samantha also makes some heat on the super sexy “Next To Me” with Full Force working as a background group. Its energy in R&B form as she sings “touch me baby” and Full Force echoing “I Need To Feel Your Body”. Its not “Touch Me” but a new dance groove. The innocent but naughty fun pop of songs like “Love House” and “Your House or My House” brings American house and British pop together. Even more cutesy dance tunes can be found like on Stock, Atiken and Waterman soundalikes such as the blissful “Walking On Air” and “Ready For This Love”. The SAW team actually work their magic on two tracks. Most notably a very peppy “I Only Want To Be With You”. Three of the most experimental tracks are really the best. The pure rock and roll excess on this strictly pop album of “Hot For You” is a nice touch. Sounds like something that would have made “Touch Me” a better debut. The co-written “Confession” is an out of mind dance record with experimental beats that just can’t be classified as dance pop. Its got an electronic edge and the lyrics are very sharp. Its the smartest song on the album. Thank you, Sam. The ender is the tradition two albums strong of Samantha. A big powerful ballad that her little voice manages to lift up. In this case its the near ethereal meets eighties hook sound of “Out Of Our Hands”. You’d be surprised how effectively she sings her.

Another great Samantha Fox album. She really diversified herself into many areas on this 12 tracker that her shorter albums just couldn’t reach. You always felt there was some lacking, but not her. Listen to it and fall in love with Sam and her eighties dance grooves.
5.0 out of 5 stars Sams On Top,
This is one of Sams best albums and probably will be the one that people remember her by. It starts off with the song that almost everyone knows “I Wanna Have Some Fun.” Next is “Love House” one of my favorite Sammy songs. “Your House Or My House” is sure to get your party going and “Ready For This Love” is perky pop of the best kind. “Next To Me” is a laid back ditty that sounds good anyway you listen to it. Sams remake “I Only Wanna Be With You” has become a classic for her (I still hear it on the radio 11 years later!), and the rest of the album is just as good. This album really surprised a lot of people who didn’t believe in Sam, but this album helped prove them wrong.
5.0 out of 5 stars Samantha’s mix of R&B, bubblegum, and surprises, November
With a successful formula on her second album, I wonder if Samantha Fox theorized that the more producers the better, a strategy that works to some extent for Jennifer Rush. In addition to the Steve Power/Steve Lovell team and that of Stock-Aitken-Waterman, I Wanna Have Some Fun boasts two songs each done by Rob and Ferdi Bolland and Fred Zarr, with others doing one song only, and yes, their distinctive styles emerge. 80s dance pop definitely predominates here, but there are a few surprises here as well.
The title track might as well be called “Naughty Girls Still Need Love.” “Hello its me again/don’t you know its hard to keep a good woman down/but then again, maybe that could be fun.” After a giggle, the song begins in earnest with a funky bass backbeat and harmonies by the Full Force boys and some monologue rap in the middle.

“Are you ready to do things tonight that you never dreamed were possible? Follow me.” With that spoken intro, we get “Love House”, a more danceable single, which has harmony vocals, a cacophony of rap-scratched words, strange voices, special effects, and ominous vocals of the guide of the house. I initially thought this was produced by Full Force, because of the heavy bass beat but its a Bollands production. I really enjoyed my visit to this house, all right.

Samantha must have really fallen in love with drum machines and bass beats, as “Your House Or My House” mixes those and sundry keyboards, computerized voices, and a strong backing chorus and monologue by Sam. Pure dance pop, call it Stock-Aitken-Waterman vanilla with some chocolate mousse and sprinkles.

The Full Force-produced “Next To Me” is similar to but injects a trice more fizzy pop to Full Forces 80s R&B formula.

Fred Zarr produced “Ready For This Love,” a spright thumping drum machines and funky synths that resembles something Kim Wilde might have done on her Close album, also released in 1988.

Power and Lovell were responsible for the haunting “True Devotion” on her eponymous album. They do another one, “Confession”, which explores sin in a religious aspect, only this time, a heavy bass synth beat, drum track, quick bursts of string synths, and satanically deep voice saying things like “Je t’accuse.” The rhythm reminds me somewhat of Mick Jaggers “Just Another Night.”

Then comes the two typical S-A-W bubblegum songs, the first one, a single, being a cover of Dusty Springfields “I Only Wanna Be With You.” Its only fair to give Foxy a 60s song after Kylie did “The Locomotion,” right? “You Started Something” is of a slightly slower tempo, though the sound is unmistakable. On both these songs, Foxy blows the S-A-W bubblegum without it messily sticking on her face like those who don’t chew Hubba Bubba gum-remember those commercials?

If S-A-W was upbeat, then what does one call “One In A Million”? S-A-W songs on steroids? The Bollands produced this song, with a rapid fire chorus and a sound Bananarama would’ve peeled their skins for, theres even a fierce guitar solo midsong. A must have on any disco mix tape.

“Walking On Air”, produced by Fred Zarr, is more Kim Wilde, Close-era pop and reduced the BPM compared to the previous barnburner.

The next song, “Hot For You” boasts synths but also a guitar thats alternatively wails and grinds like light metal. Is she trying to do Pat Benatar or Vixen, I ask, complimenting the laudable guitar solo that could fit in 80s pop-metal? Nothing wrong with the song.

“Out Of Our Hands” is another atmospheric Power and Lovell ballad, sporting piano, bombastic power synths, and haunting vocals by Sam.

The variety of sounds, be it Full Force-style R&B/pop, bubblegum synth pop, or the attempt at pop-metal, makes I Wanna Have Some Fun a masterpiece for Foxy. And just think, when I first got this, I was thrown by what I perceived to be an incoherent mess.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Dance Record,
Samantha Foxs third album is chockful of potential hit singles. The production team of Full Force (Backstreet Boys, N Sync) provide her with pulsating urban dance beats which she uses to full effect on songs like “Love House”, “I wanna Have some fun” and “Your House or my House”. The Stock Aitken Waterman-produced tracks “I only wanna be with you” and “You started something” are superb too. One of the most consistent dance records of the late 80s.
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent,
This album is another work of art by Samantha. The best dance songs are Love House and the title song I Wanna Have Some Fun. Confession, which she co-wrote, should have been a single. Her remake of I Only Wanna Be With You is better than the original.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Third Staple,
Her Third Gold Album ,A Dance Album, No Bad Songs On Album, Its A Favorite Of Mine
5.0 out of 5 stars Good mix of R&B and Pop,
Some people might see some difficulties with the mix of all kind of styles on this album, but personally I don’t mind because I think it works: you find producers like Stock Aitken Waterman, Full Force and others here. So you have pop-tracks like “Hot for you” and “Walk on air” plus R&B tracks like “I wanna have some fun”. You can see that Sam did this album when she was still enjoying fame, because its an album full of good songs – like she picked all the goodies for herself from the producers. Well done
5.0 out of 5 stars This is one of the greatest works ever did in popmusic,
This album is TOP. Many dance tracks (e.g.the legendary “Iwanna have some fun”), a lot of really dancy rocksongs (e.g.”your house or my house”) and ballads like “Out of hands” make this album one of the best in this decade. Samantha Fox shows that she is definitely a talented singer.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great follow-up album,
I Wanna Have Some Fun is 50 minutes and 59 seconds long and was released in 1988. I Wanna Have Some Fun reached #37 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Album Charts and went Gold. Two songs from the album charted in the United States. The album is a mixture of dance club and pop music. Her version of I Only Wanna Be With You is a good cover song. However, Dusty Springfield version is the best and charted higher then anybody else. The songs on this album are great and Samantha Fox get an A.
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic PopRockRnBDance&house album!,
The album “I wanna have some fun” by Samantha Fox is seriously a masterpiece. It combines fun club RnB like “I wanna have some fun” and “Next to me” which is soft RnB and very sexy. And goes over Dance pop like ” i only wanna be with u” and “U started sth” and “Walking on air”. “Your house or my house” is a pop song that will make your party goin! “Ready for this love” is a sweet love story with honest lyrics. “Hot for u” is the rocky Sam and has a lot of guitars and drums involved. “Love house” is a acid house song which represents the club life and is one of the most sexiest tunes ever. “Confession” is a five star ballad about a strong fault, it goes very deep, this song is co-written by Sam Fox. “Out of hands” is the most impressive song out of these impressive songs, it is a story about a lost relationship. In this song u’ll hear Sam’s voice really clear and its amazing how wonderful it sounds. So go for this masterpiece, I recommend it strongly.

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