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The Lizard is Saigon Kick’s second album. After its release, singer Matt Kramer and bassist Tom Defile both left the band. The song “Body Bags” was featured on the soundtrack for the 1992 film Beyond the Law. The album is certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Released June 2, 1992
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Length 53:14
Label Third Stone / Atlantic
Producer Jason Bieler
Track listing:
“Cruelty” – 2:40
“Hostile Youth” (Bieler, Kramer) – 3:18
“Feel the Same Way” – 2:42
Freedom” (Bieler, Kramer) – 4:12
God of 42nd Street” – 3:59
“My Dog” (Bieler, Kramer) – 0:51
“Peppermint Tribe” (Bieler, Kramer) – 4:52
Love Is on the Way” – 4:23
The Lizard” (Bieler, Kramer) – 4:02
“All Alright” – 3:54
“Sleep” – 1:00
“All I Want” – 3:44
“Body Bags” (Bieler, Kramer, Varone) – 3:21
“Miss Jones” – 2:39
“World Goes Round” (Bieler, DeFile) – 4:54
“Chanel” – 2:46
All songs by Jason Bieler except for where noted.

Matt Kramer – vocals
Jason Bieler – guitars, vocals, keyboard
Tom Defile – bass
Phil Varone – drums, percussion

It’s a shame that “Love Is On The Way” is much more popular than the name of Saigon Kick itself. Released in 1992, “The Lizard” contained a lot of groovy hard rock moments burst with the grungy flare and down-tuned guitars. If you can adapt to the change, then you will hear a lot of great songs here, mostly composed by the real genius behind the band, Jason Bieler.
The massive hit “Love Is On The Way” needs no introduction but along with “All I Want”, these two commercial tracks are the gems of the album. I also like the body-shaker “Feel The Same Way”, the classic Skid Row style in “All Alright”, the light-crunchy-rock “Miss Jones”, together with the Beatles-influenced closing track, “Chanel”. Some people also found that the heavy-grungy “Youth Hostile” and “Freedom” appealing. If you can find this cheap, it’s worth a catch, and to me, “The Lizard” is a really good album although it’s not for everyday and everyone.

i heard “Love Is on the Way”.  Oh yeah, that’s pretty good.
Then i heard “All I Want”, and it fairly raised my eyebrows.  Hmm – that wasn’t ‘hair band’.  So i decided to give the album a shot… and i was completely blown away.  It’s heavy, it’s catchy, it has some nice psychedelic-tinged moments, and it has some excellent harmonies – those are 4 huge musical qualities with me. This is still an extremely enjoyable album.  “Cruelty”, “Hostile Youth”, “Feel the Same Way”, “Love Is on the Way”, “All Alright”, “All I Want”, “Miss Jones”, “World Goes Round”, and “Chanel”, meanwhile, are wondrous.
edit – listening again, i just have to say DAMN ‘All I Want’ is an awesome song

FatFreddysCat 4.50 stars

It was unfortunate that Saigon Kick got lost amidst the Great Hair Metal Glut of the late 80s/early 90s because musically they were far superior to many of their shaggy haired, better-selling contemporaries. Jason Bieler was a killer guitarist and Matt Kramer had one of the more interesting singing voices of the period. Perhaps the reason they never caught on was due to their schizophrenic nature. You’ve got a little bit of everything on THE LIZARD – hard rock (“Hostile Youth”), thrash (“Body Bags,”), pop metal (“All I Want”), punk (“My Dog”), alterna-style (“Peppermint Tribe”), and of course the obligatory power ballad (“Love Is On The Way,” which was their only hit, albeit a minor one.) …with so many styles represented on this album (and their other ones as well), it seems like Saigon Kick may have been just a little too weird for their own good. They were too “alternative” for the hair metallers, but too “hair metal” for the alternative crowd (maybe if their label had figured out which crowd to market them to, it might have helped) so this band and album slipped thru the cracks.

Overall, a good melodic hard rock disc and a band that deserved better than it got.

deadenddude 4.00 stars

This is a really solid album, especially considering there’s 16 songs and albums of this length often tend to be bogged down by  a bit with filler. This one is really consistent though. They’re best known for their one hit “Love is on the Way”  but there’s plenty of good songs and music to be found here other than their hit. Like a lot of bands of this era, their one hit was a ballad, while the rest of their album was heavy. I think this band had a really cool sound going on here, it manages to meld together the late 80s/ early 90s hard rock/glam metal sound with the early 90s grunge and alternative sound. The other band that comes to mind that was able to fuse these two styles was Mother Love Bone. By doing this, Saigon Kick managed to create a sound that I think is pretty unique and identifiable to them. They have a very full sound with lots of thick sounding guitar riffs and excellent vocals. Surely one of those bands that many overlook, I know I overlooked them all this time. I’m glad I discovered them now though.

Couleurdebronze 4.50 stars

Album hautement recommendé.Du bon rock’n’Roll dont la particularité est le chant basé sur des harmonies vocales.Le tout reposant sur des chansons très bien ecrites avec beaucoup de feeling.

Je réecoute souvent ce CD avec toujours autant de plaisir.Ecoutez plutôt les ballades “God of 42nd street” , “Love is on the Way”,”Chanel” pour vous faire une idée.Les titres plus rapides “Feel the Same Way”;”Miss Jones” ,…sont souvent très accrocheurs.

Quelques chansons sont en retrait decouvrez les vous-mêmes j’aimerais pas influencer quelqu’un dans le mauvais sens.

Quant au nom du groupe qui horripile ça et là je pense que c’est une reference avec Hanoï Rocks,moi de leur blaze j’m’en bas l’oeil, car si on commence par choisir ses skeuds en fonction du nom du groupe ,on va pas en acheter souvent (pensez aux amateurs de Sodom bougres de dégueulasses Pouaah quoique…).Des ballades très réussies pour emballer le boudin du coin (j’ai déja fait le coup avec Dan Reed Network dans un moment de pure poesie).
Je trouve les titres très novateurs dans leur interpretation mais si je dis ça j’vais subir le tollé de connaisseurs qui vont bourrer le mou avec leur references toutes plus pertinentes les unes que les autres parsemées de message me prenant pour un con (prières s’abstenir sauf pour les compliments).

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