SADWINGS Lonely Hero LP Mint condition. Heavy Metal Sweden 1985. Check samples


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Sad Wings from Sweden (Malmoe)

Ebony Records/Criminal Response

Last known line-up
Tony Ekfeldt: vocals
Patrick Berg: guitars
Peter Espinoza: guitars (Reptilian, Majestic, Espinoza, Nasty Idols, Rampage (Swe))
Tommy Persson: bass
Magnus Horberg: drums

Sad Wings – Lonely Hero Full-length, 1985 vinyl LP
1. Love In The Third Degree 03:57
2. Lonely Hero 03:21
3. Too Young 03:20
4. Escape Into Fantasies 02:49
5. Sadwings 04:12
6. Evil Island 03:53
7. Everybody Up 03:14
8. Winternights 03:46
Total playing time 28:32

Vinyl: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve: Near Mint (NM or M-)

SAD WINGS 1985 album ‘Lonely Hero’ was released on the British label Criminal Response, a subsidiary of Ebony Records that were a big influence on the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal era of the late 70s and early 80s. These LPs are now out of print and circulation so are quite rare! Plays absolutely fine with no scratches etc. . SAD WINGS guitarist Peter Espinoza later joined Glamsters NASTY IDOLS before forming ESPINOZA. Recently he was in LAB RAT and as part of MAJESTIC for their 1998 album ‘Abstract Symphonys’. Album cover was by Garry Sharpe-Young.

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