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Démo, released date : 2002 – Self-Released

1. Dead Man Walking
2. If You Could See It (Through My Eyes)
3. Cold

In the spring of 2001, Eric Rauti (ex-Nme Within) called his friend Mats Rendlert (ex-Shoeshine Man) and asked him if he wanted to form a new band. Thus, Rusty Souls was born.

Soon, drummer Marcus Larsson was added to the line-up, but has since been replaced by Anders Ström (ex-Nme Within). Singer Peter Nilsson (Mindbliss) completes the quartet with his Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne inspired vocal style, which, together with the powerful riffling of Mats and Eric, creates the trademark heaviness of Rusty Souls.
Eric and Mats handle the majority of the songwriting, and they know each others strengths and weaknesses very well. They have been playing together for a couple years in the critically acclaimed Candlemass tribute band Ancient Dreams. Legendary singer Messiah Marcolin even appeared with the band on stage a few times, which foreshadowed the long awaited Candlemass reunion. So far, Rusty Souls has only played live once (Åtvidaberg, spring 2001), and instead has chosen to focus on writing songs and recording demos. The band is now ready to showcase their unique brand of music, influenced by Black Sabbath, Badlands and Black Label Society. Watch out world, here they come!
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Current members
Peter Nilsson
See also Mindbliss
Eric Rauti
See also Dreamland, Infinity, Nme Within
Mats Rendlert
See also Cans, Dreamland, Infinity, Shoeshine Man
Tomas Eriksson
See also Grotesque, Runemagick

Former members:
Marcus Larsson
Anders Ström
See also Idiots Rule, Nme Within, Slavestate

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