ROXY BLUE: Want Some? CD so damn catchy Hard Rock songs! Incl. The Who cover. Guest vocals Jim Jamison and Jani Lane. Check videos!


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Roxy Blue Times Are Changin’ (official video clip):

Despite all the money and means injected by Geffen, Roxy Blue’s debut Want Some? LP bombed in the charts despite fierce ambition, fantastic hooks, and a little help from Jani Lane. Take in the Warrant and Poison-ous choruses, but also the old school Van Halen tricks and some true classic-rock, with a nod to authentic southern roots.

Check this video NOW:

Released 1992 (Geffen)

Track List:
01. Too Hot To Handle
02. Sister Sister
03. Times Are Changin’
04. Its So Easy
05. Rob The Cradle
06. Squeeze Box
07. Talk Of The Town
08. Rock-A-Bye Baby
09. Luv On Me
10. Nobody Knows
11. Loves Got A Hold On Me
12. Main Attraction

Roxy Blue Rob The Cradle (official video clip):

Todd Poole – vocals and guitar
Sid “Boogie” Fletcher – guitar and background vocals
Josh Weil – bass and background vocals
Scotty T – drums, percussion and background vocals
Additional Musicians:  Jim Jamison,  Jani Lane, Tommy Funderburk

Produced by Mike Clink.

Want Some? is the one and only release from this talented Tennessee quartet. The album has an abundance of rockers such as “Too Hot To Handle”, “Rob The Cradle”, “Main Attraction” and a killer cover of The Who’s “Squeeze Box”. Of course no hair band would be without the heartfelt ballad, and in this case it is “Times Are Changin'”.
Roxy Blue didn’t really have an image or sound to call their own, but their songs were so damn catchy it didn’t really matter. The group deserved more recognition, but aside from “Rob The Cradle” appearing on MTV a few times, grunge had started flooding the mainstream and bands such as Roxy Blue were doomed. However, Want Some? is still full of guilty pleasures!

5.0 out of 5 stars Memphis Hip Shake,
Hailing from Memphis, TN, Roxy Blue took the Hollywood hair metal sound and injected it with a healthy dose of Southern rock swagger. The band has as much gloss and polish as the average L.A band but with a barroom rocking attitude. Think Poison or Warrant meets Junkyard meets a case of Jack Daniels!
Released in 1992, Want Some was the bands debut (and only) studio album. It features 12 rocking songs, including a cover of the Whos “Squeeze Box.” I’m not sure why hair metal bands keep picking that song, but Roxy Blues version is fun enough. Warrants Jani Lane and Survivors Jimi Jamison both make guest appearances providing background vocals for this album.

It may not be very original, but Roxy Blues music is still plenty of fun. It would have been nice if they had managed to serve up another album, but it was not meant to be.
5.0 out of 5 stars Another solid party rock release,
Roxy Blue released their one and only album in 1992. By now, we all know 1992 was not the best year for new hair metal bands to release an album. Flannel shirts, Converse sneakers, and faded jeans had replaced spandex, lipstick, hairspray and all things associated with the LA hard rock scene of the late 80s. Roxy Blue were just another fine band that got washed to the wayside of grunges explosion.

Want Some is actually a very solid hard rock record. The record company brought in veteran producer Mike Clink, who produced some of the genres best albums. Roxy Blue were a fairly well rounded band, Todd Poole has a decent voice, Sid Fletcher is an awesome guitar player, and they wrote really catchy songs. The whole album is good, however, there is a tiny amount of filler on the record. My favorite tracks from the album are Luv On Me, Squeeze Box, Too Hot To Handle, Rob The Cradle and Its So Easy.

Roxy Blue weren’t the most original band, but their songs were so damn catchy it didn’t really matter. The band should have received more attention, However, grunge killed whatever chance these guys had for another record. One other cool thing about this album is the guest appearances by Jani Lane and Jim Jamison. Buy the album, its really decent.
5.0 out of 5 stars roxies blues,
This is pretty good and never falls short on the hard rock edge. Still catchy, just wish they could of made more,they probably would have shown off their skills. Great if you are a 80s die hard!
5.0 out of 5 stars Pure rock. Sadly underestimated.,
Here was one of the last of the hair metal bands and the best of that lot. Before grunge and Nirvana came and trounced the metal scene, Roxy Blue came out of nowhere and was able to squeeze a few songs for radio play. I remember the print ads stating: “No cuts, no edits, no bull$#it. The one take, live studio recording debut from Roxy Blue.”

That is a pretty impressive claim and if it holds true, then this set them apart from the rest of the pack, whose product was so polished and slick to the point of saccharine. Too bad this didn’t come out even a year earlier, the guys would’ve made a bigger splash. The album rocks throughout, even with a couple of token ballads. Sid “Boogie” Fletcher, who is a dental practitioner now in Georgia, had a very distinct guitar sound, even amidst all the fret-bending guitar clones of the era. He made his guitar scream in a different way, but also made it sing. That may sound like a Tap reference, but you have to hear it to know what I mean. The solos flew off the CD and took you for a guitar bliss ride, especially on the track “Luv On Me”. Theres also a lot of Van Halen influences, but it really is just a great send off for the hair band era. Don’t take my word for it; get your hands on the CD, if you can.
5.0 out of 5 stars Damn good!,
This is a great CD, and the best song is “Nobody knows”. Its a great song to belt out and dance around to! Even my 5 yr. old nephew loves it!
The Who cover version, I happen to like this version MUCH better than the original. Good song!:

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